Posted by: notsofancynancy | February 22, 2012

Sign or Coincidence?

This is one of my very first blogs. We must always remember to slow down and look for the “signs.” Do you believe in signs?

As I sat in my recliner this morning I notice that the small dog, Roxi, was sitting on the floor in front of the shelves that holds our plants. She was staring up and since there are two hummingbird feeders that are on the outside of the windows just where she was looking I though she was just watching one of them.  Roxi is the only dog I have had that can actually see hummingbirds. It was then I saw the Christmas Cactus move. I jumped and got that feeling of dread in the pit of my stomach. Just then the cactus moved for a second time and it made me jump even higher this time as I was looking right at it. Was it an animal the dog brought in? a really big spider? a snake? or maybe a ghost???? I am not sure but since I am home alone It is up to me to make sure we are safe. I pulled up my big girl panties acted like I was not scared.

I set my computer aside and crept slowly to the shelves. At first I saw nothing that would make the plant move to that extent. But I was taking no chances. I grabbed the dust pan and put it in front of my neck, just in case it was a snake. After living in the desert for so long I have seen more then my share of snakes. I am scared.

It was then I see it. It was hidden on the back wall blending in with the plants.

You find signs in the unexpected

“Where did it come from?” I wonder as I ran to get the camera. I grabbed it, turned it on and it died! “OMGoodness” I thought  No one will ever believe me! and How in the heck did this huge beauty get in the house. I ran to find Doug’s camera, It worked. I photographed it and sent a copy to Doug to see. I though maybe Roxi had brought it in, but when I received a note back from Doug I learned different.

“Roxi was playing with a cocoon a few months back and I took it away from her and put it with the dead bugs.” Yes, Doug has a collections of dead bugs. I climbed up (they are on the top shelve) and sure enough the cocoon was broken and this beauty must have come out of it. “I checked on it a couple weeks ago and it had not hatched yet. I though it was dead” he said.

I took pictures and set the camera down to get it outside. I went to grab it and the “girl” came out of me in one long screech “shhhhhhooootttt!”  (Well it was close to shoot) and the darn thing disappeared. I pulled out the two chairs that sit in front of the shelves and got on my hands and knees to find it. It was no where. I even dropped on my tummy to see if maybe it had fallen all the way to the floor. It was then I saw, out of the corner of my eye, Roxi playing with something. Oh Dear it was the beauty! I hurried to get the dog away and the door open. I shooed it out the door. The last time I saw it it was headed towards the pine trees. I stood and watched until I could not longer see it.

In reflection, the moment I saw it I knew it had to be a sign. I had many visits from butterflies in unusual places and had always considered them “Signs.” But as the event played out was it really a sign? I had been wondering all morning if I am doing the right thing in starting this blog, telling my father’s story.  In the middle of the event I thought to myself that yes, this is just the sign I needed to say I am on the right path. Now I am not so sure….what do you think? Was this a sign or just a coincidence?



  1. Nancy, is definitely a sign! You are a much braver person than I to go investigate when you thought it might me a snake or very large spider. I would have run the other way as fast as my legs could carry me. Your post and pic made me think of my baby shasta, one of the last memories I have of her, we were in the backyard gardening, she was actually laying under the umbrella, One of those beautiful creatures landed on a flower in a patio pot. She walked up so quietly and ever so soft touched her nose to the butterfly. It was like she knew it was delicate and the butterfly reacted only in closing and opening its wings which caused shasta to jump back. Its a very happy memory, thanks!

    • Believe me when I say I have had one dog who got bit by three different snakes. Now if I see a snake and hubby is not home and I HAVE to keep my dogs safe. So I calmly get the dogs in the house then……………… I scream like a girl until I can get the snake into a container and get it out of my site until hubby comes home!

    • I had a dog named Shasta! He was a gorgeous muttley puppy that followed me around downtown til I took him home. He was carrying a Smurf doll in his mouth and wouldn’t part with that thing for nothing!! It was so cute! 🙂 I named Shasta after a soda that I was drinking at the laundry mat that he walked into it and my life!
      What a beautiful memory of your Shasta!! 🙂 God bless!!

  2. Lovely! Great writing, Nancy!

  3. I would see it that there is beauty in surprising places.:) Always be ready for it. Always look for the beauty in every day life. You never know where it is gonna burst out at ya! What a beautiful way to start the day, Nancy!! I love your picture and blog and big hugss to you for not getting your panties in a wad, putting your big girl panties on and standing up to the “monster”. 🙂 xoxoxox

  4. What a wonderful sign! God has given you the “Go!” sign for your blog, for sure! And such a beautiful one … =) I always think of butterflies as angels in disguise.

    The desert is as dangerous as it is beautiful. You’ve got to be forever on your guard. Keeps you sharp, eh?!!

    So glad you’re a big, brave girl, and can keep your panties on straight, and clean! I’m not sure mine would be! =)

  5. Very cool, my Mom used to collect dead bugs, but I can’t say any of them actually hatched into anything beautiful.

  6. . . . Just getting acquainted~~ enjoying your works thus far!

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    This was one of my very first posts. This one is for you Mister Mac

  8. Precious moments.

  9. Look whee it took you!

  10. Someone told me once that, whenever you notice something unusual and the question, “is this a sign?” Pops into your head then it is a sign and you shouldn’t ignore it. BTW – I love the photos. Beautiful!

  11. “Acting as if…” is the first step to fearlessness. Good job.
    Follow your instincts. If you FEEL as if it’s a sign, it is. You don’t even have to know the meaning of the sign – just know that it’s meant for you, in some way. This is a wonderful story, and well told. I really enjoyed it. Thanks.

    • Wow, thanks it means a lot! I know all about that “FEELing” lol

  12. I like to think that yes, this was definitely a sign. 😀

    • I think so too. On that early post I had no idea I would ever have 325 followers, Have 17 chapters of my father’s story written, and actually have hits on my blog. God does work in mysterious ways.

  13. A sign of course! Other wise it wouldn’t have occurred to you. Nice post!

  14. In the Immortal advertising words of NIKE, “Just Do It” .

  15. Nancy, this was a perfect day for me to get email announcing your new post. The coming month, all twenty-three past and I am certain those in the future… difficult for me. You and so many of my blogger “buddies” keep my spirits up. One of my daughters’ passed away in July 2010. We held a quiet memorial service by a remote winding lazy creek in a beautiful valley and scattered her ashes on the prairie floor and creek bank. After the tribute we released 100 pink and purple balloons (her favorite colors). As the balloons soared upward to a perfect sky, thousands of dragonflies came up out of the wild flowers, hovered over our heads then trailed upward with the balloons. Signs, at every turn we make signs guide us. I believed in them before and the dragonflies validated my belief. During the past two years each time we visit the memorial bench we placed by the creek; from the moment we leave the main road a lone dragonfly follows us to the bench, hovers in the area, follows us back up the gravel road to our car(s). We believe that the dragonflies represented Angels on that day celebrating her life with us. The one who follows us on visit, we like to think a guardian or Charlotte herself. Every so often one comes to my window, I call out a greeting and it is gone. Signs…hope…faith…my dragonfly is right up there with “Yes, Virginia there is a Santa Clause”. Keep writing and the “signs” will continue to guide you. ajm

    • Beautiful and well said. I am sorry for your loss, but I do believe they were all signs. Dad use to leave dimes for me, and angel feathers (the white little ones) One time he made me stub my toe but I think I will save that story for a post. At times like that we are truly blessed (well not the stubbing the toe part.) Big angel hugs to you my friend!

  16. That’s a gorgeous butterfly.
    I think that as long as you see it as a sign, it is a sign.

  17. I believe in signs and if you’ve asked for one recently, this could be it. As you know the butterfly is symbolic with change and freedom from bondage. Inmates use to get blue butterfly tattoos to symbolize this. If you think about the life of a butterfly it’s all about metamorphis….the very thing we do all of our lives. Very fun story and so glad you captured and image. Your little Roxi is quite a stitch!

    • Yes and the butterfly is very symbolic to me. I have never been in jail but I do have a butterfly tattoo. lol when Dad first passed I believe he visited me in the form of a black butterfly with white dots on it’s wing. He has been gone 11 years now and I have not seen that particular butterfly for quite a few years.

  18. What a fantastic it! You captured a great picture of the butterfly in the cactus. I think butterflies are always a sign. I have a friend who started seeing a certain kind of butterfly after her mom passed away. I believe there are a lot of signs in many things in nature. Hugs

    • I totally agree with you! The same thing happened when Dad passed. An unusual butterfly, and I have not seen it for many years now.

  19. Nice story – my sign is a cardinal. I am actually writing something about it now. The latest was right after my aunt died, just minutes when a Cardinal flew by the window a few times. Signs are God’s way to communicate with us – especially in the nature He created. They always come when we need to listen for His voice – whether it be for His calming peace, hope, or comfort. And even when we need to be still – to reflect and in your case when we need direction. What a lovely story. 😀 Patty

  20. LOL Pulled up your big girl panties! I had to laugh at that one.:) This is a fan-tab-ulous story, I love it [ and the photo ] I too have a butterfly tattoo, two in fact. Butterflies also symbolize: Resurrection, transition, celebration, lightness, time, and soul. It may be a sign 😉 it may have just been a really amazing moment and a reminder to be kind to all creatures, if your husband hadn’t picked up the cocoon the butterfly may never have had a chance.

    I do hope you’ll keep writing, I love reading the letters and the stories. If it makes you feel complete in doing so, many times I hesitate to publish wondering if its even worth it, then someone comments and a connection is made. That’s all I need. Enjoy!

    • So true. The comments keep me going. It has been such a blessing to get one follower but I now have over 362. I never knew anyone would be interested, let alone 362. Thank you so much for your support!

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