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A Little Help From My Friends

Dad  on a furlough home in Nebraska 1941

As I sit at my computer and see the response and support for my fathers story, tears leak from my eyes. My father’s story is so much more than just his story. It is the story of all the men who dad served with. It is a first hand account of what he, as a truck driver went through. No, he was not on the front lines, but he got the soldiers who needed to get there where they needed to go. Well OK since he is writing to my mom and they are not married there is a love story in there too.

In telling his story I feel like I am honoring not only him, but each of the men in his Division. When I started on this journey all I thought I had was an old photo album.

(Click her to read chapter 1 “The Beginning”)

No names just pictures. What I had was a treasure chest. Once I realized the suitcase of letters I had went with the  pictures I felt I found historical treasure.

The 110th-35th Quarter Master, courtesy of Marvin Cain’s Family

Since I started working with Dad’s collection I have been able to find  36 of the men my father serve with in the burial records found on Find a Grave. Here is a link to my Virtual Cemetery of the men of the 110th-35th Quartermaster I left messages on each of their memorial pages. From there I was able to find  5 “daughters,” 5 Sons, a couple of granddaughters, and some cousins of the soldiers my father served with. I also found a man who was with the regiment when The Famous Yoo Hoo Incident happened, still alive Harry Dhalstrom. I am amazed I found any at all.

It is for them I tell this story. It is with your support I will finish it. Thank you for taking the time to read it, like the idea, and comment on my journey. You make me feel like it matters.

110th-35th Quartermaster Roster

Bottom Reads

29 June 1945

Compliments of Division Quartermaster Section



  1. Keep up the good work. When we help ourselves, we help others as well.

  2. Thanks for sharing! I look forward to more!

    • You also have an interesting story. I just read “About me” and I must say we are survivors. We dodge and weave as life throws us curves, it makes us stronger and wiser. At this time my story is about my father but someday you will learn about me. Thanks for following me.

  3. You are immortalizing time, dear friend! You are showing these families and survivor that they matter, that their ancestors mattered! That is a HUGE deal and you should be very proud of the hard work and emotions that you have been through! Just know that you are not alone, dear Nancy! We are here with you! ❤

    • Thank you for your continued support sweet friend! Thank you!

  4. My grandpa is on this list, Orville E. McCall. He has since passed, but I am very interested in reading more stories. I think he was part of the Yoo-Hoo as well. I remember them talking about it and having reunions when I was a kid.

    • OMGoodness! Yes he is! He is listed in the Headquarter Division! This is very cool! Please let me know if I can answer any questions. You can email me @

      I would love to add his name to Find a Grave so that I can continue to honor him. Please contact me if you are interested. I also have some pictures that are not identified, I wonder if he is in any of them.

      God Bless and thank you for his service.

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