Posted by: notsofancynancy | May 15, 2012

Roxi LaBow


This is Roxi LaBow, she was about five months old here. She is the latest addition to our rescue family. She is wearing her sister’s dress and does not look to happy. It turns out she is a bit of a Tom Boy.

Roxi LaBow far left and her litter mates,  At Rainbow Rescue, May 2011

Rainbow Rescue, In California City, California saved her and her four litter mates the day they were scheduled to be euthanized.  She is quite a bit bigger but still under five pounds now and turned one year old April 1st. she is a work in progress.

Save Doggie Lives and Rescue!



  1. Holy crap! You rescued 5 puppies…at a time? Granted the cuteness factor is off the charts, but puppies are little bits of furry destruction full of worms and needle teeth! I’ve rescued two puppies and it was exhausting. After that, I chose to take only adult dogs. I once had 9 dogs and 2 cats, for a short time. The cats and 5 of the dogs were my own; one of the rescues was the puppy I found on the side of the road, and the other three were strays that I had picked up and was fostering. Luckily, I found homes for them all relatively quickly, because I didn’t have the facilities to take that many dogs.

    It looks like you might have a Corgi in the mix there, or did mama just have several gentlemen callers because she wasn’t fixed? It’s a good thing they found you!

    • Hahahaha Sorry you got the wrong idea. We only got Roxi. The lady who deserve the kudos is Ann at Rainbow Rescue she does this all the time, rescuing litters and finding them homes. All of our dogs are usually one rescue at a time.

      Roxi is a chahuahua mix.

  2. Awweeee what a beautiful baby!! =)) It looks like she is saying doggone it Mom!!! Thanks for sharing!! God bless you for rescuing her! I have a rescue cat and I adore her!! I would have a zoo if I could! Big Hugsss!!!

    • Awe thanks Linda. We have three rescues right now. I use to rescue the dogs who had been abused and rehabilitate them. My Kiva was so badly abused it affected her health. She has very little hair because of it. I was able to retrain her and she passed therapy dog testing and we worked until we retired. It was good for the soul!

  3. Look at that sweet little face! Congratulations on the new addition to your family!

  4. Lol, that first picture is just SO wrong!

    • hahahah that is what my hubby says!!!

      • Listen to your husband. He’s right about this one.

      • Wait until you see the purple fairy costume I made for my male chocolate lab therapy dog. He was a champ! hahaha made a lot of people smile

      • lol

  5. She’s gorgeous! Love her ears in the last photo. hehe 🙂

    • Yes we like her, well most days… she is still a baby after all lol Thanks for stopping by and taking time out to post!

  6. The dog is adorable. We adopted a rescue sheltie a number of years ago. He was a wonderful dog–and if we ever get another dog I’d definitely go the rescue route again.

    • Thanks Sheryl. I have only ever had rescues. I use to adopt the sickest or scared-est or saddest dog in the place and rehabilitate them. The are always worth the extra work and in return we are blessed with their loyalty. I have many rescue stories so stay tuned! lol I really appreciate the kind words!

  7. I have 2 rescue dogs (a coonhound and a beagle) and I wouldn’t trade them for anything. Every rescue dog has issues- mine were both abused- but show them an ounce of love and they’re loyal for life. Thank you for this post (and yes, she’s very cute 🙂 !

    • I have always adopted rescues. It is almost like they are extra loyal because we saved them. How lucky are we?

  8. That last dog pic makes me have SO MANY FEELINGS.

    • I hope they are good feelings! lol

      • Haha, yes! Like a little human in a dog suit!

      • hahaha she is a cutie and does think she is human!

  9. a grandmother of dog at first photo look

  10. What an adorable little sweetie. Hugs and nose kisses

    • Thank you, now after a year I think we will keep her! lol Just kidding we would keep her anyway! Thanks for stopping by!

  11. Roxie is such a pretty girl!

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