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Thanksgiving in May

Thanksgiving in May

Ever the rebel, I had to change Thanksgiving to May this year.  My husband and I usually spend the real Thanksgiving camping because of the long weekend so we never spend it with the family.  My hubby’s family was going to be in town and I had the bright idea to invite them all over.  We had a turkey in the freezer so Thanksgiving in May was born.

Now take a moment to reflect on my blog name, notsofancynancy. I am not adept in the skill of hosting a party. So why I thought I could pull it off is beyond me. Thankfully my sister-in-law, Rhonda stepped in and got me through the preparing of the food. Hubby roasted the turkey in the portable roaster and a couple of dishes came with the families and we were set. I must say I am thankful for my family!

The big activity of the day was something my hubby had been working on for three weeks. It was unveiled at Thanksgiving in May, a Remote Control Car Track. The most elaborate I have ever seen, but since I have never seen one that is not saying much.  Here are some of the best pictures.

The Making of the Track

Finally Ready

The Viewing Stand/Press Box


  1. Well, good for you, Nancy! I love to hear of new traditions being raised up, and I personally like the idea of moving them around the calendar. And the RC course, is VERY cool — my kids would love to be your neighbors! 🙂

    • I am a little bit of a rebel as I said! Glad you agree!

      Yes the whole family was impressed with the RC Track! Heck even I was impressed! Did I mention my hubby is 62 years old? Took him three weeks to get it finished and he was working on it that morning. He is one big kid! Gotta love that!

  2. The first response said the kids would love it. I’d say we’d have a hard time getting any of the men to come in for dinner. How fun!

    • Bingo! The good thing about RC Cars is they run about an hour (if you have extra batteries) and they need to cool off. It was really a lot of fun for everyone! The youngest boys are allowed to play in the mud and water when they are here and they have a blast!

  3. This track looks like great fun. But I think I would be chasing the cars.

    • Yes that is why our three dogs have to be in the house when the cars are out, but we do have agility equipment I think you would really enjoy playing on it!

  4. I am sure the track is fun my grandchildren would love it to.

    • The 8 year old grandson loved it and really it was made for him. The others are younger and are allowed to play in the water and mud when they come here. But it was the men who also enjoyed it. I have a feeling the next time they come up they will all have new RC cars! lol

  5. Being the speed freak/car enthusiast that I am, I absolutely love it Nancy! =) I envisioned myself in one of those cars speeding around the track with the crowd cheering on! Wheeeeee! Your husband did a fantastic job and so did you! You both created joy, happiness, a wealth of love and family bonding that lasts a lifetime! You created memories! ❤

    • Ah yes the memories are what already stand out in my mind! I know that there are a couple of adults who will come next time with new RC cars! lol

  6. Your Thanksgiving in May tradition sounds like a wonderful idea to me! Good for you for going through with it…it would be tempting to say it’s just too much trouble. And since I have a railroad track in my backyard, I must say that I’m impressed with your track! Ingenious plus fun…a winner! Debra

    • Thank you it was a big hit, and I know three grown men who are going to be buying new RC cars before they come over next time! lol

      Would love to see picts of you railroad track!

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