Posted by: notsofancynancy | May 30, 2012

Wordless Wednesday

Easter 2005

Death Valley 2005


  1. I lived in the desert – not in Death Valley, but desert, nonetheless. I couldn’t stand the heat, the dust and the smog. However, the night skies in the desert are so beautiful, that I can’t express in words how I felt looking at them. They’re exquisite!

    • I live in the High Desert of So Cal. We have no smog, I take a siesta in the hot part of the day. We live on a dirt road so I agree about the dust.

      The desert is unforgiving but if you look close you find beauty.

      • My husband lived in Hesperia before I married him, and going up and down the “pass,” we could see the horrible smog hovering over the lower counties. I still have a rented home in Nuevo, in Riverside county… housing market as it is….

      • Small world! I live near Hesperia! For the most part the smog stays down the hill. It is so windy here at the top of “the pass” it blows right through. My hubby use to commute up and down the pass but now he works at the base. Back roads and desert all the way.

  2. Interesting tent on top of the truck. I haven’t seen that before. Does that keep the snakes out of the sleeping bags? ….and where are the daffodils? Isn’t it Easter….. I enjoyed the post and I hope you had a great Memorial Day weekend!! 🙂

    • Yes, no snakes. I am glad you asked. I do not do the Wordless part of Wordless Wednesday very well. It takes about 60 seconds to put the tent up and it is about 7 foot from the bed of the truck to the top of the tent. The bed is over the hood of the truck. Well there were no daffodils in Death Valley that year. There were some flowers though. Thanks for your great comment it made me laugh!

  3. I’ll bet you enjoyed some beautiful sunrises and sunsets! The desert can be so gorgeous! Debra

  4. I used to live in Monahans TX. I remember my first view of Texas. 2 am and a sandstorm. The tumbleweeds were blowing across the road and it terrified me! =) I loved the dry heat and my allergies were never better! i didn’t like the rattlesnakes, tarantulas and cockroaches, but I loved the scorpions! They were cool! I would love to have some REAL Mexican food again! I also lived in San Angelo TX and that was the most beautiful!! I would go back in a heart beat!!

    • Ahhhh The dry heat! After spending some time in New Jersey and Texas I will take my dry heat. Tarantulas are kind of cool. If you take a stick and gently run it over their back they scratch like a dog does when you find “That Spot.” Quite funny. The are also pretty slow, and although if I had to touch one I would scream like a girl I can deal with them.
      Thanks for sharing!

  5. Thanks for posting this Nancy. Those pick-ups (or “utes” as we call them in Oz) look great with the flip top tent seet-up. There’s nothing quite like hitting a place and just knowing “this is the spot” for the night. I’ll be taking enough tech with me on my trip to keep in touch – whenever I get signal, of course.

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