Posted by: notsofancynancy | June 1, 2012

Who Drinks Out of the Toilet?

You want me to drink where?

We won this unique water dish for the dogs at a dog club Christmas Party quite a few years ago. When we got it we had three big dogs and they would have licked it dry in a New York minute (not sure how long that is though) I stuck it on a shelve and put a sock monkey on it. I had forgotten it was a water dish until I cleaned it off the other day. Now we have three little dogs and it is just big enough for them.

Roxi La Bow and the Toilet Bowl, It burped. Sounds like a flush, scared Miss Roxi



  1. too cool!! I gotta get me one of those!

    • Thanks it is quite funny!

      • It really is..Thanks for blogging about it:)

  2. I love this. I have a fountain for my cat, but the toilet is so much more fun. Thanks for liking my blog post earlier. Yours looks very interesting!

    • And thanks for stopping by. Does you cat like the fountain?

      • He loves it!

      • nothing better than a hydrated cat! lol

  3. One Question, Does your dog like Sprite or Mt Dew best? LOL I loved this post and the Post on your fathers letters are starting to be like a weekly soap. You know, setting in front of the TV just waiting for the program to start. Popcorn and Tea already at your side so you want miss a thing….

    • They like Mt. Dew best but it makes the bounce off of the walls so we had to go with water. lol

      I am glad you are enjoying Dad’s story. It means a lot to me that you do! I know my dad is looking from above and smiling! What a great way to honor him and the others he served with!

  4. Cute. I only know about a New York second… As far as I know, a NY second is the amount of time (less than one second) between a traffic light going from red to green(assuming you’re first at the stop light) and the driver behind you hitting his/her horn, ‘cuz you didn’t move fast enough… πŸ™‚

    • Hahahaha I did not even know it was a second and not a minute! Silly me!

      • We can speculate as to what a NY minute is… and I’m sure it’s far less than 60 seconds! πŸ™‚

      • Yes lets speculate! I agree less than a minute!

  5. What a conversation piece this must be! And it makes a flushing sound? Too funny! Roxi is adorable! Debra

    • Yes it is hilarious. When the upside down bottle burps it sounds like the little toilet is flushing. Very funny.

  6. What a funny idea!

  7. roflmbo!! How awesome is that!! Kinda hard to fit into the “decor” but its doable!! Kind of a rustic country look! Maybe build an outhouse around it or next to it!! lol Thanks for sharing and big hugs to Miss Roxi and family! ❀

  8. haha!!! that is awesome!! I have never seen a water bowl like that!

    • Me either and I have not seen another! It is quite funny!

  9. That is a great invention! Reminds me of the fake fire hydrants that dogs also enjoy. Cats v dogs … I love them all. I need a huge ranch for animals.

  10. That is just so cool…never seen one before. Would love to have one. Hugs and nose kisses

    • Not sure where it came from. I will go have a look see.

    • Not sure where it came from. I will go have a look see. Looks like if you type in Toilet Bowl Water Dish it comes up with lots of places you can buy them, Who knew?

      • Thanks, I will check them out.

      • Your welcome! Good to see you and Chancy back!

  11. What a great chuckle for the day!! πŸ˜€

    • I have a great chuckle every time I walk by it.

  12. That is so funny! I have never seen one before,would love to have one.

    • I know huh? I found them for sale by searching for “toilet water dish”….. it is a funny thing!

  13. oh my gosh, how funny! … and it burps too! brilliant. Not sure who’d get the most fun out of this in my house; the dogs or myself! πŸ™‚

    • AND when it burbs it sounds like the toilet is flushing! Keeps us entertained!

  14. First, let me say… eeeww! Second, let me repeat my first thought. πŸ™‚

    • Quite the novelty here at our house.

      • I bet! I think it’s hillarious, even if it’s slightly disturbing.

      • And the whole bottle burping making the sound of it flushing puts me over the edge. I enjoyed your blog!

      • I enjoy yours as well. It’s funny how we find each other so randomly, but I like it. I like getting to meet people I normally would never have met. I enjoy learning about other people’s lives through words in a blog.

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