Posted by: notsofancynancy | June 17, 2012

Silent Sunday


  1. Incredible – maybe that will be my next flight? grin. Thanks for that image and link!

    • My Husband works at the local Air Force Base, and that is all I can say….. You know how they are. lol Just kidding, He is not in the service but works with computers in the control room, something about trajectory, what ever that is (I am really surprised I could spell that! Maybe it is not the word I am looking for. He really likes his work. lol

    • BillDuff: If you get a chance to fly one of these babies, stop by and pick me up it looks like fun!!!! 🙂

      • And me too! pick us both up! lol

      • You bet! grin

  2. I love those planes. What a great shot!

  3. Wow! I just wondered if they are silent as they fly over or are they like the F18s and just blow you out of your chair when they go over? Great shot, Nancy!

    • Actually if I recall they are pretty quiet, but I could be wrong we were at an air show and it was pretty loud all around.

  4. I loved seeing this. I lived near March Air Reserve based down there and would see all sorts of awesome aircraft. Thanks so much for posting!! 🙂

    • We live near Edwards! Same here! But his was an actual air show and we were able to get some great picts.

      • Thanks. It’s fabulous.

  5. Wow, that must have been very loud. We would never see one of those here, they’re very spacey looking.

    • It is kind of weird in a beautiful kind of way.

  6. These plans amaze me. That is so cool you were able to get a shot of one. Hugs

  7. Wow!

  8. Those birds will turn on a dime…

    • Awe yes, they are beautiful to see in person and so close.

  9. They fly over our house during the Rose Bowl game on January 1st! I get so thrilled…but you sure did capture a great picture! Debra

    • ooooo Your near Pasadena! I was born and raised in Azusa. Of course my grandma was The Little Old Lady from Pasadena (upcoming post) lol

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