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Thankful Tuesday ~My Grandson is Shaun White

In the past I have told you about my sister the clown, and my brother, Santa Clause aka guy at the Renaissance Faire, this week I am thankful for my grandson, “Shaun White.” Well ok, he is not really Shaun White, but he certainly looks like he could be his brother or cousin. For the sake of keeping him anonymous (in a way) we will call him “Shaun.”

Who’s Shaun White? Click Here

“Shaun” was my first grandchild.  I was about 36 when he was born, so I have always looked pretty young to have a grandson, after all I WAS pretty young. Boy was I proud, and I would tell everyone I came upon I was a granny and don’t make me get the pictures out!  In fact it was about this time that I began learning how to 4×4 and they called me 4×4 Granny. It had been 20 years since I had my daughter and it had been drilled into me that I was a notsofancy mother so I was scared to death to be alone with him, but I could not stop staring at him and holding him when I got the chance.  I was so afraid something would happen while he was in my care, but I never did break him.

What Shaun White may have looked like when he was young

He spent a lot of time with his paternal grandmother who spoke Spanish to him so his first words that I knew of were agua, leche, and Nanu, which is what he called his other Grandma.

I am almost sure Shaun wore his hair this way

When my husband and I got together and he was about two and we took him camping. He had just started talking and I did not know who or what a Nanu was. We spent most of the time walking around the forest going where ever he thought Nanu was. We eventually got his mind distracted by teaching him to collect wood.  He thankfully was too young to know we kept walking in a big circle. We had quite the stock pile of wood in those two days. Of course because of the fire danger you are not allowed to have a fire, but it kept him from crying so I was going with it.

Ready for prom

During the day we went on the back roads and parked near a deep cool stream near where people would cross in their 4×4 vehicles and it had some decent swimming holes. It was littered with big boulders that you could not see in the water so it was a tricky drive but of course this 4×4 granny made it through with no problem.  We allowed “Shaun” to play in the stream while we waited for the next vehicle to come through. He ran over to the bank near that next vehicle and started jabbering away at them. It totally looked like he was giving him tips on how to get through the deep boulder strewn river crossing. Pointing this way and that, diaper hanging to his knees because of all the water in it, and he, talking the travelers all the way through the rough spot. I am not sure if he was talking in Spanish, English or Gibberish but he talked up a storm to each one who went through.

It was not until we came home did we actually find out who Nanu was but I will always cherish this memory. We also learned he got car sick on that trip. He had both my hubby and I dry heaving. I think hubby may even have thrown up. Looking back it is funny, NOW!

“Shaun” graduated from high school this year. I cannot believe he will be 18 next month. He graduated from the same high school both my daughter and I went to. It has been a hard road for him to get here but with my daughter’s perseverance he is graduating and will be starting college with a scholarship this summer. He is a gentle and loving soul, I am so proud of him. My daughter has molded him into the kind respectful young man he has become. I am also proud of her and admire her for the wonderful mother she has become.

“Shaun” and his Diploma

Yes this Thankful Tuesday and today I am thankful for my grandson “Shaun.”

Who are you thankful for?

© 2012 notsofancynancy


  1. Nice story, and a very handsome fellow is he!

  2. May success be his trademark in the future…

    • What beautiful words! Thank you for sharing them!

  3. Time does fly doesn’t it?! Congratulations to him and I wish him well. I’m sure he’s very grateful for having you!

    • Thank you! And yes I find myself asking “Where did all the years go?” lol

  4. What an awesome Post!!!! Congratulations Shaun!! 🙂

    • Glad you liked it! Yea Shaun! Go out and get em!

  5. Congratulations “Shaun” and may you always recognize and value your uniqueness and worth in the world! The world is yours for the taking and I wish you much happiness and success! Just always remember kindness and family values in your heart and you will go far! You’ve got a great grandma!!

    • Awe Shucks! Thank you for that. Kindness and family is all he is about. I am so proud!

  6. Hi Shaun!
    Thankful for everything, especially that I’m still breathing.

  7. Congratulations to your grandson! Really enjoyed reading this post.Too many things I am thankful for to put here. Hugs

  8. What a nice story! I am thankful for my husband. If it wasn’t for him, I would have broken down many more times during the past year than I did. lol

    • Here’s to your hubby! Hurray! Thanks for the nice comment!

  9. You were a vry young grandmother! That was how my mom was…I had my children very young. Then I had to wait until I was 55 for my first grandchild. I dote on them the same as you do Shaun! These darling children charm us and capture our hearts! How fun to see him graduate. I understand your pride! 🙂 Debra

    • It was rather odd seeing him graduate from the same high school as I did. lol But I am so very proud.

  10. The first grandchild is so very special. Those who follow are always loved but that first one sweeps our heart away. My Josh is a grown man with babies of his own but he still is close to his Mimi. Our good times together are such great memories. I’m glad you shared this about Shaun.

    • He really is the most special but don’t tell the other seven we have that lol. Thanks for stopping by!

  11. I so enjoyed this post.. so looking forward to the day when I eventually become a grandmother..!!

    • It really is fun! It just goes by way to fast. Thanks for enjoying it and letting me know you did.

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