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Finally a Friday~One from the Vaults

Water in Death Valley Dry Lake and Wildflowers March 2005

Badwater Basin and this usually dry lake is the lowest point in Death Valley. I have been traveling to Death Valley all my life and I have never seen this usually bone dry lake with water in it. It was really odd and there were even canoes out on it. Below is what it usually looks like. Also take a look at the snow on the top of the mountain range. Something else I have never seen. Look at all the yellow in the foreground, that is all wildflowers.

The lowest point in death valley and usually dry as a bone. Picture courtesy of Wikipedia

Learn more about Badwater Basin here

Water in Badwater Basin, Death Valley

Wildflowers in a canyon


  1. So much wide open spaces…we don’t get that in Oak Park.

    • That is what I LOVE about the desert. We really do have a 360 view. There is a lot of beauty here others don’t see.

  2. The wide open spaces and the bright, starry night sky are two things that drove me to live in the desert. I never made it to Death Valley, though I talked about it for years. Your pics are fantastic.
    You must be a glutton for punishment – I could not tolerate that kind of heat. Boo hoo hoo, what a pansy I am.
    Now, while the rest of the country is suffering tremendous heat waves, I’m up here in maritime PNW with a coat on every morning and later in the afternoon. It’s lightly raining today and if we’re lucky, it’ll reach 60 degrees. πŸ˜€

    • Go ahead and rub it in. It is triple digits here. I use to handle the heat much better when I was younger. But you go out early morning and early evening. We went through Death Valley last September and it was 120. Needless to say we were just passing through to get to the High Sierra’s. That is what is great here. You camp in places like Death Valley in the wintertime and head for the Sierra’s in the summer. Always somewhere cool to hang out. Next week it is camping at the beach. I love So Cal!

      • Great! You want to buy my house down there? πŸ˜€

      • lol Here as in the High Desert or here as in So Cal? In any case we already have one thank you. I bought it in 97 for 39,000, on an acre and a half of land. A lot of people don’t like dirt roads so we don’t have many neighbors. Love that!

      • I can relate to what you say about heat tolerance! Here in North Texas it’s starting to get, as the weather report was showing this morning “sizzling.” When my ex and I were leaving California (we were stationed at Travis AFB CA for several year, my first assignment) we drove past Death Valley when it was like this. I would have loved to see the yellow flowers! Isn’t Mother Nature amazing? Such beauty in a seemingly barren place.

      • The wildflowers are amazing! I remember my parents taking my Great and Grand parents to see the wildflowers, but I never “got it” until I started traveling and leaning about our desert. There is beauty here you just have to slow down to sometimes to find it.

      • The wildflowers are amazing! I remember my parents taking my Great and Grand parents to see the wildflowers, but I never “got it” until I started traveling and leaning about our desert. There is beauty here you just have to slow down to sometimes to find it. Oh and the heat is so different here cause we do not have the humidity like Texas, thank goodness. We have family in Texas and the humidity just about kills me. lol

      • The humidity is what gets me too and even as young person running cross country etc. it did too. I grew up in Sioux Falls SD and it gets hot and humid there too in the summer. Talked to Mom the other day and it was an uncomfortable 95 there…rather hot for them!

  3. Isn’t that fascinating! I haven’t been to Death Valley in ages and we’ve been talking about visiting again…but not this summer! LOL! Debra

    • Wow! Good not to go in the summer. Funny we see bus tours of people going in the summertime. I really don’t get it. It is so much better there when it is not hot. Me I will wait for winter or early spring.

  4. What your story made me realize right now is that in spite of 55 years of living in southern California, I have never been to Death Valley. I guess that needs to change.

    • Just don’t go in the summertime. I see bus loads of people going there this time of the year and I just don’t get it. I love spring and you must visit Scotty’s Castle. It is an amazing place and has amazing stories of Death Valley attached to it. A must do!

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