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The Arlon Courthouse Then and Now

The Arlon Courthouse 1944-45

Dad’s Division slept in this building during World War II located in Belgium

The Old Arlon Courthouse Present- Picture courtesy of (


  1. The building, and those around don’t look much different now. Very well preserved. Love the atmosphere of the war days shot.

    • I loved that we could find a current picture AND that Dad wrote on the back of it that it was a courthouse so we could find it.

  2. How wonderful to have this history too! Your Dad has really gifted you with so much – I love the black and whites so much.

    • I have over 200 pictures all taken when he was overseas. I plan on using them as Dad talks about them in the letters. But we have not gotten overseas in the story yet so there is much more to come. TEASE!!!! lol

      • Oh, my goodness – it’s a good thing you have so much energy – must get that ambition from your Dad! grin.

      • Thanks but I think my energy is on permanent vacation. lol My mind thinks I have that much energy. I just pray I live long enough to get through all the letters.


  3. The research you are doing and the story you are telling are amazing!

    • Thank you so much and my pay is wonderful comments like yours. It is those comments that keep me going. Thanks again

  4. This is a great comparo. I hope you can visit that courthouse and take another photo yourself from the same position your father did so long ago as a man so much in love.

    • Wow I never though of that. It would be really neat but highly unlikely. One can wish though. lol

  5. LOVE the antique photos!

  6. How nice it hasn’t changed. So often the old buildings are razed.

    • I feel blessed to be able to share both pictures. God Bless the internet and Dad writing on the pictures! lol

  7. Isn’t this amazing. If only those walls could talk, what tragedies and dramas we could hear. This is a great project. I can’t wait to see it unfold.

    • Why thank you. There are a lot more pictures to come, IF we can get out of 1943 with the letters. lol

  8. The older photo is so good! Such an atmospheric feel to it. I wonder how what kind of camera was used.

    • I wish I knew. In talking to some of the families of the men Dad served with have duplicates so I have to assume that they had a division photographer. Also I know that not long after Pearl Harbor the soldiers all had to send their camera home. Maybe when we get to the letters from overseas he may tell more.

  9. That is interesting about the camera, I will have to check into that. I have been trying to find information on where my dad could have been. Other than Belgium in the battle of Bulge and following where Gen Pattons troops went I have no clue exactly where he was. Maybe looking at division photographs will give me a good idea. Blessings ~ Patty

    • I have been able to find a lot of information on the internet. It has become an invaluable resource in connecting me with Dad’s comrades families and the research I have done.

  10. I absolutely adore this photo. The stories those walls could tell… and it’s such a beautiful building despite all the horror and suffering. Thank you so much for sharing these, it’s amazing to see your tales develop.

    • Thank you so much! I cannot tell you how much it means to me. I think Dad is smiling.

  11. You always post such amazing photos with even more amazing stories that go along with them – thanks for sharing with us!

    • Thank you so much! I do like to tell stories! lol And you and Eko make me smile without a doubt, so I think it works out well, eh?

  12. I love your compare and contrast photos! I think that’s so important for making history relevant. Thanks so much for taking the time to show old and new…

    • I love the fact that Dad and his buddies actually slept there. I am glad that I have them to share. Thank you!

  13. I’ve been to Belgium and through out Europe, it’s amazing how long the buildings are in use, Century’s some times. We are so fickled about knocking down perfectly good buildings and replacing them. In a city I used to shop in, they recently knocked down a perfectly good supermarket (maybe 10 years old) and rebuilt a new one in the same parking lot, I was flabbergasted.

    • Thanks for sharing. I will never make it any closer than my computer screen. lol I never heard of them knocking down a perfectly good building to make one in the same. Usually they would just remodel it. Weird.

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