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Cotton Candy

Cotton Candy

Well ok this blog has nothing to do with Cotton Candy but how good does that sound right now. I like to go to the Golden Corral (A Buffet if you don’t have one) and dip mine in the Chocolate Wunderfall. It is a good thing we don’t go there very often. So, (handing you your virtual cotton candy) pull up a chair and join me for this post.

Once again I have been blessed with three more awards. I can’t tell you how much this means to me and how much it boosts my confidence to keep going. It gives me the kick in the butt I need to tackle more letters when it seems there is an endless supply.

I found there is something out there for me who is notsofancy. A place I belong, where people care what I write and don’t care if I am notsofancy. I can’t believe you all think enough of me that you actually take the time to leave comments and to consider me for these awards. My blog makes me feel special! But it is because of you I do.

Just to update you to my blog stats. I started blogging at the end of February. I really had no idea of what a blog was or how it worked. Some friends of mine told me this is what I should be doing with my father’s letters, the rest is history. Here I am five months later with 11,950 total views on my blog and 455 followers. I have no idea if this is good but since I thought no one would ever read my blog let alone follow me I feel blessed. It seems like a lot but my lack of confidence tells me it is not. What do you think?

The recent awards are as follows

July 2012

Commentators Award From Thoughts from an American Woman

August 2012

August 2012

The Very Inspiring blogger and The Beautiful Blogger Award from Judy at A Daily Thought

Please stop by their blogs and show them some love! Both blogs are very insightful and of course awesome.

I have to share with you some things you may not know about me,

I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia in 2005 and am in pain every fricken day of my life. I have horrible side effects that make me violently ill from all pain medication and are only taking and muscle relaxers to control the pain.  It really sucks. Writing and dogs keeps my mind off of the pain.

Although I had my daughter when I was too young (16), I did not marry until I was 42. In fact my daughter got married before me. I raised her as a single teen parent and did not do a great job. I met my husband the year she got married.

My Granddaughter was born nine months after MY wedding. tehe

I had never been in a plane before 2010 and trust me if the circumstances would have been different I would not have flown than.  My nephew who is only eight years younger than me moved to New Jersey 10 years ago was getting married. His brothers and I were so close in age we grew up together and they were more like brothers than nephews.  I felt because we were so close I needed to be there.  There was so much turbulence on the flight I thought I was going to die.  I have been back twice since then. It made me realize how much I missed having him and his brothers around.

I was a majorette in high school, before I became a hippie.

I became a hippie in high school and hung out “on the wall.”

I was a Rocky Horror Picture Show cult member and have seen the show more than 200 times, probably a lot more. I know the words to every song in it. It was a wild and crazy time. One time I was standing at the front of the theater when up walked my brother (Santa Clause) dressed like Rocky. I was dressed like Magenta. If you don’t know the story Rocky runs around the whole movie in gold lamiae underwear. It was awkward.  My husband hates the Rocky Horror Picture Show. My family loves it and sings karaoke to it when we get together.  My hubby is embarrassed and goes in the other room. I can still Time Warp with the best of them but have to tone it down because of the fibro and my husband.

Now I need to nominate some blogs. This is always the hardest part. There are so many great blogs out there it is hard to narrow it down but if I didn’t this could be a really long post.

Mustang Koji – what a tale he has to tell. His father is from Hiroshima and he was able to work miracles in finding a copy of his father’s high school year book.  (Read the story here)  In honor of those who helped him to bring this treasure to his father he thought of a very unique way to thank them and bring honor to those who lives were tragically taken when the bomb destroyed his father’s hometown. (Read the story here) Thanks for allowing us in on your journey.

Paint your landscape with Luann and Terry– I love seeing where they have traveled. They are full time RV’s and they go some amazing places.

You know how much I love dogs so  Easy Blog is one of my favorite dogs to follow, and he is quite handsome so if nothing else you have to see him!

Morning Story and Dilbert-What better way than to start the day then with a comic?  Top that off with some words of wisdom and you have what has become a morning ritual for me. Gotta get my Morning Story and Dilbert fix.

Insane thoughts of a sane mind– How can you not want to check out this blog just from the name? It is everything I hoped for. Now with his new “Stupid comment of the day” post he gets a smile out of me every day.

You can choose which ever award you want, not take any of them, or take all three. This is just my way of saying I love your blogs and although I may not always leave a comment I read each post.


  1. Way to go! Great news and such interesting things about yourself. We LOVE the Rocky Horror Picture Show – the antici……..pation of another chance to sing along always gets us going!

  2. I can’t really take credit for stupid people, but glad they make you smile. Today’s stupid comment will be dedicated to you

    • But if it weren’t for you writing about them there would be no smile. lol I do like this series. Keep up the great work!

  3. See I knew you were cool – my cousin was also a hippie he even went to Woodstock!! To this day I call him my “cool cousin”!! LOL You deserve these and so many more awards – I should create one for historical content you along with Mustang Koji would be the top of the list…thank you for sharing your dads story with us. Blessings – Patty

    • hahahaha thanks for all of your support and the nomination! Cool huh? I like that…lol

  4. Thank you so much Nancy. You have a big fan in me and I think your stat numbers are huge!

  5. So happy for you!

  6. WOW, thank you very, very much!!! Mom was a fan of the Rocky Horror Picture Show too. She played the record in an endless loop and she danced and sang… and drove her mom in madness…

    • Ha! Luckily I have my family who also loves it. We recently had a family reunion and one night was Rocky Horror night. We had all the props, it was a blast! We even had the five year old doing the Time Warp! lol

  7. Congratulations on your awards. I know what you go through with your illness as I was diagnosed in 2005 with something similar, PMR (poly myalgia ) that is very painful. I am now in remission, but work hard to keep it there.

    • Thanks for commenting. Congrats on the remission.

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