Posted by: notsofancynancy | August 13, 2012

Weekly Photo Challenge:Wrong

Can you see it? It is very well hidden but if you look real hard you can see it. What is it?



  1. lol its a tarantula.

    • Great Job, yes it is, the bugger is hiding! That is just “wrong” lol

      • wow, was this by your house?

      • This one wasn’t but I have had them in my yard too. I feel they are less scary then all the darn snakes! If you have not read “Snake Season” yet you may want to check it out.

      • Ill do that :). yeah snakes are common here in Florida (as are spiders for that matter but not as big as this one). so im pretty used to them. LOL in fact, we had a cute little rattler grace the entrance to the office about a month ago.

  2. urrks… spiderman or spiderwoman? how large is this one in real?

    • It seemed like it was Chihuahua size! It was about palm size without the fingers.

      • ouh, all above1 inch is something from a dark ride…:o)

      • Scary but manageable next to a snake. The only thing that scares me is how fast they go!

  3. I’d hazard a guess, but I think it would be “wrong”!

    • It is a really big spider, a tarantula, can you see it now?

      • OMG. Get that thing away from me!! 🙂

      • hahahaha!

  4. Seems to us you are surrounded by very scary things! Is is safe to go out of your house most days?

    • Tarantula’s don’t really scare me, well as long as they are not in my backyard. A teacher friend of mine showed us one time if you tickle their butt’s with a twig they itch themselves like a dog does when you find “the” spot. Now you won’t catch me tickling their butts but it made them less scary.

      • Ha, that would be most interesting to see! Guess it does make them less scary. Most things aren’t bad if you’re not surprised by them.

  5. My first wife smashed two of them suckers when we first moved into our new house in Walnut, CA…with a newspaper. Hate dem buggers.

    • For some reason they don’t scare me. I mean next to a snake I would much rather deal with a tarantula any day.

  6. Wow. A Tarantula. We don’t have them here in Wisconsin.

  7. We often saw tarantulas in the desert of AZ when hiking. Amazing creatures!

    • If you ever see another you must try tickling his butt with a stick. They itch like a dog does when you itch the “Spot” Very funny!

  8. EEWWWW!!! EEWW EEWW EW!!!!! Very wrong!

  9. don’t know what to say

  10. We haven’t seen any tarantulas here yet this year. August is usually when we see them most often so they must be like yours – hiding.

    • Yes careful where you put your nose Bongo!

  11. I saw it and am glad it was only in a picture. 🙂

  12. I don’t think my Spider-eating Boxer would attempt this one. If he did, I don’t think he’d live to see another day.

    • Our old dog tried playing with one, and he lived. He actually had an alert bark and you knew if he was using this one particular bark you needed to see what was going on. Once a tarantula and once a snake, among other things. I would much rather deal with the tarantula than a snake! I would prefer neither though. lol

  13. Good Lord, I would be running so flippin fast in the other direction. I would probably be screaming…..yep, definitely screaming.

    • After dealing with rattle snakes tarantula’s don’t scare me much, weird.

  14. ICK! :O

  15. Playing catchup on my reading. Great photos and blog!

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