Posted by: notsofancynancy | August 18, 2012

Weekly Photo Challenge: Merge

Merging Up a River~World War II

Can anyone tell me what exactly is merging up the river?



  1. Not a clue – be interested to know though.

    • It is a interesting picture!

      • Is it one you found in your Dad’s stash?

      • Yes it is one of my fathers.

  2. Don’t know, but I’m not going to stand in their way. It looks like business to me.

  3. If I am seeing it right they are troop and cargo transports, similar to what were used on the invasions of the beaches of Normandy.

    • That is what I thought they were. Any idea why or how they got onto this river, or is it a river? I know my father was a part of the Normandy invasion but am not sure of his role. I am hoping his letters will tell more.

    • agree.

  4. sorry, don’t know but there sure wouldn’t be any shade around, not a tree in sight.

    • Which I know is needed for optimum camouflage.

  5. Remember before Dad went to Europe eh was training in southwest US and the small boat on the far right looks like a Dredge and land on doth sides I’m going with a river in California Maybe Nevada and the ships are supply ships for training

    • I would agree with you brother, but all of these pictures are from overseas. There is not one that is from here in the states. I would have to believe that it is also from overseas. I am not saying you are wrong, but wait, you are! lol

  6. The convoy perhaps? They certainly have a purpose in mind! 🙂

    • Yes they certainly do. I wish I knew more.

  7. Could it be the Rhine River they are traveling? I am not sure of all the areas our troops went through, but it might have been a way to get supplies to our troops once they went into Germany.

    • I know that Dad mentioned and has pictures of the Rhine River so you may be right.

      • I know there were thousands and thousands of men in Europe, but dad also talked of the Rhine River, not often so I was never sure if he talked about it during the war or afterward when he stayed back with the rebuilding effort.

      • I did a search on the Rhine River and I do see that there are mountains that look close to the same as the ones in the picture. I look forward to Dad’s letters from when he goes overseas to see if he talks about it.

      • I think you have us all on pins and needles!! 😉

      • I like that! lol But I am on pins and needles myself. Dad did not talk about the war as most of the WWII vets didn’t. So this is all new to me too! I do know that Dad wrote numbers on the pictures so I am hoping there will be corresponding letters. Only time will tell!

  8. My Dad was involved in five separate beach head landings. He was a mechanics mate on an LST and also was a landing craft driver. He was involved with the Normandy invasion. I can’t determine the type of ships in the picture but they have a familier ugliness common to the ‘Liberty Ship’. I do know that many ‘Liberty Ships’ were so poorly built that upon arriving at their destination in Europe, they were deemed unfit for any further use. Many of these were sunk as break walls and purposeful obstruction hazards to enemy navigation. Many of these cargo carriers were mothballed in out of the way places to prevent taking up precious docking space for functional ships. They were later hauled out to sea and scuttled.

    • Wow thank you so much for sharing that information. It was very interesting to learn about the Liberty Ships. Now I am going to go searching to see what more I can learn about them. Thanks again and thanks for following me.

  9. Those cannot be Liberty ships. The water looks too shallow to accept their draft. However, I strongly believe those are German barges. I hope this link works. You can see identical ships.

    • I was interrupted. The river/canal banks look relatively barren as someone mentioned. But this waterway must be connected with a major waterway in some way. I have no idea where this scenery could have been at this moment. However, your father’s letters may later disclose a description or a location. BTW, they do not look like US ships.

      • Very interesting. I checked out the link you provided and the do look similar. We will hope the letters tell more.

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