Posted by: notsofancynancy | August 28, 2012

The New Puppy Day 1

The New Puppy

She is home safe. It was quite an ordeal to get her here though.

I have a broken tooth which got infected. I finally had a dentist appointment yesterday at 3:00. I talked the dentist into not pulling it yesterday and letting me continue on antibiotics for a couple more days.  The pup got fixed yesterday and was located an hour away. She had to be picked up by 5:00 or we had to pay an extra 20 dollars to board her. There is no night shift person and I did not want her to be left alone. So we made a mad dash down the hill to get there before they closed. I got out of the dentist about 3:35 and we felt we had plenty of time to get there. We made good time down the hill but they are doing roadwork on the freeway and we got stuck in traffic. The four lane freeway went down to only two lanes. It took us a half an hour to go seven miles. We were cutting it short. We called the vet and told the nurse what was going on. She agreed to wait for us…Whew!

I never heard of vets fixing such a young dog. She is estimated to be only 2 months old. I did some research and found that a very competent vet could get the job done but I still worried. Remember I have not yet seen the pup in person. When I first got my eyes on her my heart broke. Had we not rescued her she would have been euthanized yesterday. Her time was up, sad but true.

We got her home and of course our three dogs went nuts. Little Roxi is still having issues and will not sit with us cause we smell like her. The pup was still groggy from the anesthesia, so she slept in the doggie playpen until bedtime. We then put her in the kennel and into our bedroom. She slept until about 2:30 when she wined and we took her out. She did her business and we all went back to bed. Because she has been in the shelter we want to try to keep her separated from our dogs in case she gets kennel cough.

Day one done, on to day two.

We have still not decided on a name and are still taking suggestions.


  1. She’s so adorable. Can’t imagine anyone wanting to euthanize her. Glad you have a big heart. She’s safe now!
    Names: Lulu, Lily, or Luna???
    I’m sure you already have one in mind!

    • We have a lot in mind but are still up for suggestions. I don’t like to rush into a name. I have added your suggestions to the list. Thank you!

  2. Congratulations on the new puppy! There’s a special place in heaven for you for this, Nancy.

    • Awe thanks MW! I do like the fact I may go to heaven! lol

  3. Congratulations! Hope she settles in well. You probably know more than anyone the perfect name will come to you. I will check back soon to see the announcement:)

    • I do not take the naming lightly! lol It may take quite a few days!

  4. He, he! In another post than perhaps we will all hear.

  5. She looks like a little bat! How about Stella? She’s darling, yer a good mom.

    • She does have really big ears! love those big ears!

  6. Oh my, those ears! She’s adorable. So glad you have her.

    • She has great ears! lol We are glad she is here too.

  7. Congratulations she is beautiful…I am on day 180 and exhausted Mason just got out of his “fur ball with teeth” stage. Good luck and keep your fans posted on how she is doing. ajm

    • Congrats on day 180! She is confused as to why she has to stay separated from the rest of the pack. Wondering what her personality will be once she gets use to being here.

  8. She’s adorable! I vote for Stella.. it seems to suit her.

  9. She might be small but it’ll be interesting to see if she grows into those ears! Two months is very young to be fixed – did they explain why they insisted on it?

    • No about the explanation. My hubby was there by himself and when they told him she would go to be fixed he just agreed. It was not until he came home that I questioned her age and the fixing so young. He called them back to question it but they told him it was procedure. Lets just say I lost some sleep over it and worried all day yesterday. She seems ok today, and for that I am thankful.

      • Sounds like she’ll be fine now she’s with you. Lucky little thing 😉

      • Thanks! I have asked myself what the heck I was thinking. Our pack is so well balanced right now, or was until last night. But when I look at the fact that she would have been killed today we did the right thing. I just wish we could have saved more. But we did what we could.

  10. I like Nannie for a name. She may seem very small and helpless now, but soon enough she will be taking care of you. She has a certain sweetness that goes above and beyond an ordinary dog. The love you give her now will be multiplied, many times over. She’ll be your little old fashioned girl.

    • She does have a special quality about her. Since my grand kids call me granny nanny I am not sure Nannie would be a good, but I do like it! Thanks for the great comment!

  11. She could fly away with those ears! What a cutie – the world is better off with her in it.

    • I really love her big ears! Yes, the world is much better with her in it.

  12. OK, for whatever reason Wix comes to mind. I hope she recovers uneventfully from her surgery.

    • I like Wix! What do you think of Pixie (last name) Dust?

      • I like Pixie Dust a lot.

  13. A whirlwind ordeal…but well worth the effort. Thanks for giving her a home!

  14. Oh, she’s cute. I wonder what doggy’s mixed it up? She’s very tiny, like tinker bell….Maybe Bell…as a name. Congrat’s, you’re a hero to me.

  15. Bunny-bun.

  16. oh my gosh – what a sweetheart! I think she will have you all wrapped around her paws in no time!! 🙂 I like Pixie Dust – she sure does look like a little pixie!

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