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Naming our Pup!

How do you pick out a name for your new dog? Do you name them after people or look for an unusual name. Me? I like the unusual, and I don’t like to rush into a name. I have to get to know my new dog before I settle on a name.

What Name Fits Her?

According to Dog Time (Click here) the most popular names for a girl are Bella, Molly, and Lucy. Below you will find a list of names given to me by my faithful readers and a few we have come up with. Take a gander and them and let me know your favorite. The top two are my favorite and my hubby is leaning towards Sugar.

So how about you? Which name do you like best?

Pixie Dust

Pixie la Scruff












Little Lulu













Which name do you think fits her best?


  1. Radar came to me first thing. I was surprised to see it. Such a cutie!

    • Radar came to me too! lol I was watching MASH yesterday. hahahaha

  2. I suggested Lucy and Stella. Stella for Stellaluna of the children’s book about a fruit bat b/c of her big ears. But I gotta say, I really like Pixie. She is darling. How is she doing?

  3. Your first, Pixie Dust’ is just wonderful 🙂

  4. I like Pixie Dust, Pixie is always a funny name for such a cute dog…

  5. First . . . She is adorable and looks like a little Pixie to me but I think the name you pick will fit her to a tea …. (I’m particularly fond of Lacy or Daisy for a girl though and have named my lady feline & canine friends both over the years) Good luck with you little darling . . . enjoy!

    • Thank you so much! I really appreciate your input!

  6. I vote for Sugar!

    • That is the one D likes best! Thanks Nephew!

  7. I like Nilla, reminds me of Nilla wafers. But I could just be hungry.

  8. She looks like her name should be Karma because what ever went around came back around and its too cute lol

  9. Of course I like Pebbles the best (hehe), but a second choice, I like Grace since she was a regal princess with class and style, but a common touch that people gravitated to.

    • Pebbles? I like that one too! She may be in trouble with 5 or 6 names!!!

  10. The name I suggest, “Joli” French for cute. You are having fun now! ajm

  11. How about Elf due to her wonderful ears?

  12. I’m leaning towards Stella or Radar, but the final vote will be from her. She will tell you what her name is. Get used to her being in charge!

  13. I like Pixie or how about Trixie
    I also like Sugar and Luna
    but I think you are wise to get to know your dog a little before naming her

  14. Nancy,
    She reminds me of our Siamese cat, Elsie, because of her ears. Elsie had the exact same enormous pointy ears, which caused us to sometimes refer to her as airplane ears because it looked like she might take off at any minute. Maybe an airline related name? Delta?

  15. I vote for one of the top 3 – I’ll leave it to you and your husband to battle it out :). Such a wee little heart-grabber she is and how lucky of her to have found you at the last minutes. Our dogs have all been rescued as well – and sweethears each and every one.

    • Thanks and thanks again! We are still trying to get to know her. But I do believe rescues do make the best dogs. Just my opinion! lol

  16. Radar

  17. She looks like a pup version of Topo Gigio 🙂

    • I don’t know what a Topo Gigio was so I had to look it up. How cute is he?

  18. Hi Nancy…I love the names Pixie dust & Pixie La scruff!! My Hubby likes Radar or Scope because of her ears!! 🙂

  19. My Hubby also suggested the name Sonic 🙂

  20. I asked my 3 year old son and he had a new one, “pickles”.

    • oooo That Is a new one! I am going to add it to the list.

  21. I still vote for Luna, lil Lulu, or Lucy!!!
    I’m sure a name will stick at some point and it will be the right one for her. God bless that little sweetie!

  22. I like Lucy & pixie

  23. Sandy,

    • the neighbors have a scruffy dog similar color named Sandy. So I am not sure that will work. lol Thanks Cuz!

  24. Since you’ve asked, I think Sugar would be a sweet name, but whichever you and Hubby choose will be just right. Gotta love those ears, which cause me to say Bunny for second place choice. Congrats!

  25. I like Radar!

    • I do too and I did not know this but it is spelled the same forward and backwards!

  26. I like Pixie or Sugar. You should call her “Lucky” for finding a home like yours! Cupcake works too… LOL! Enjoy!

  27. I must add…those ears are something else!

  28. I name a dog based on their behavior. I’d name her “Twinkie” or “Twinkle.”

    • Two more great names. Thanks for the input!

  29. She looks like a Pixie and is the perfect size for a pixie as well. Her nickname can be Tinker Bell.

  30. I’m going for “SoDamnCute!!” That’s a good name!
    Love her….

    • Its a great name until the grand kids start calling her that! hahahaha

  31. OK I vote for Sugar…. 🙂

  32. She is adorable! My dog is named Luna…I love that name.

    • I like Luna but the road to my house is call Luna. It might be awkward. lol

  33. I still like Pixie, although Hope is appropriate since she opened your home to her and gave her hope for a better life. But she is so tiny and looks so much like a little Pixie… tough choice – good luck in choosing her name.

    • Thanks I am getting ready to post an update, but no name yet! lol

  34. I love them all…but I think Topo Gigio is brilliant. If it has no real meaning to you, I understand the lack of enthusiasm, but I sure do get it and it fits! 🙂 Adorable pup! D

  35. AWWW !!! My vote is Pixie!

    • Pixie it is! We decided yesterday and really Pixie was the name most voted on. Thank you!

  36. That dog is so cute, any name would be great. Our dogs are Libby and Zeke. Zeke was a Yorkie on a youtube video, and Libby is a name I just love. Good luck with the cutie pie!

    • Thanks we decided on Pixie LaScruff. lol

  37. I’ve always wanted to name a dog Gracie…but Pixie might just be perfect for your little one! Thanks for stopping by my blog!

    • Thanks for the return visit! She is a mischievous little Pixie!

  38. Pixie is a great little name — she looks full of character! Would love to see more photos of her. Thank you too for liking my recent blog post 🙂

    • Thanks for the return visit! She is a handful but a cute handful!

  39. Spock? Because of the ears. But it isn’t in the list. Or..Yoda?

    • Thanks we ended up naming her Pixie cause she is mischievous. lol

  40. I know I’m way too late, and I’m sure Pixie will fit her nicely, but the first name that came to me, because it looks like she’s licking her lips, was:
    Licious (pronounced like the work delicious, without the “de”.)

  41. Omigosh, what a cute little thing! I always wait before naming my dogs, just as you do. I want to see what their personality is like. Then, I test out the names and see which they respond to so that they actually name themselves. She reminds me of that little fluffy thing from the moive Gremlins. What was it called……..a Mugwai? It was cute and fluffyish but could be a disaster if you didn’t care for it properly. Dogs are like that too. I hope she finds her name soon. Good luck.

    • She is a mischievous little pup so her name is Pixie LaScruff! lol

  42. I actually reblogged your dog…ha ha
    Pixie LaScruff ……….It has such a quiet dignity for an obviously dignified girl!!!!

    • Wow thank you! she is certainly living up to her mischievous name! lol

  43. How about Spy … with these ears she can hear everything. Another good one would be Bat … since she has ears like a Bat

    • Oh I really like spy! We ended up naming her Pixie LaScruff. Do you like it?

  44. Sugar Dust or Sugar Pixie 😉 I do lean towards Pixi though 😀

    • We named her Pixie LaScruff…what do you think?

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