Posted by: notsofancynancy | August 31, 2012

Needful Things When You Have a New Puppy

Must Have Puppy Playpen

Have I mentioned we have not had an potty accident in the house since she got here?Β  There are some things that have certainly helped. The Puppy Playpen is one of the needful things when potty training. It is a place where you can put the pup when you cannot watch them at all times. Right now because the pup got fixed on Monday she is not allowed to be to active. Not only does this limit her from the run of the whole house but if she has to potty she keeps wining until I take her outside. We of course are kennel training her and at night she sleeps in her smaller kennel. I don’t think I will ever have another dog who is not kennel trained. It makes potty training so much easier. It seems like this little gem may have had some kennel training. She does not argue to much about going in and sleeps most of the night only wining when she needs to potty. I am not sure how we got so lucky.

She is settling in!

We have not named her yet. Here is a list of the five top names. Which one do you like best?


Router (like a computer router)





  1. I’ve never seen a puppy playpen. Adorable. Router is such a cute name, but whatever you choose I will love.

    • I like it too because I have never hear a dog called that before. I do like the unusual.

  2. I’ve got the same thing, loooong time ago, as I was a puppy, but after some minutes it had a hole and I came out :o)

    • Oh Easy! For some reason I can see you doing that back when you were a baby. We keep an eye on her AND we have squirt bottles and if she tries to chew on it she will get a little squirt in the face. If we have to leave her alone awake for any amount of time we have two alternatives. Kitchen which goes to the dog door and a metal kennel with a roof on it, in case she can climb. Or the bathroom with a metal kennel for a door. With the mesh one I can get stuff done and if I need to be in other parts of the house it is light enough and small enough to move where the pack is.

  3. We usually suggest cage training – to stop the Easys of this world πŸ˜€ Same idea but it really works. Perfect for this little darling – Pippi long ears sounds perfect.

    • OMG I do love “Pippi Long Ears!” I like it!

  4. She looks like a Pixie. And crate-training was definitely a good fit for us. We don’t even have to use them anymore, but the boys like to go in there to sleep during the day sometimes.

    • I know I love that they still like them when they are done training. We are using Roxi LaBow’s kennel and the playpen was also used when she was a baby. Roxi want to get in both. lol She cannot figure why she can’t. I cannot wait until the two of them can play. Sadly it will be a week and a half until the new baby is done with her stitches and past the incubation for kennel cough.

      • Hahaha, poor Roxi. Just wait though, once the stitches are healed you are going to have your hands full! Love of puppy play and cooperative naughtiness! πŸ™‚

  5. Crate training was a MUST withour little monster. She would always get herself into trouble, like chewing up the couches when we weren’t looking. She is so cute, and i love that playpen idea! I just wanna pet that little puppy belly!
    I like Pippi and Pixie. She kinda has a tinkerbell look about her, when her ears were up in that one photo! Seriously – all kindsa cute going on!

    • She has stole bot hubby and my heart with her cuteness.

  6. That nest looks good enough for me to snooze in. Pixie would be cute for a girl.

    • The bed is fake fur lined. I would like a bed that looks that comfortable.

  7. Ahh! Pippi =]

  8. She is sooo cute. I like Pippi. It sounds a bit mischievous, which sounds like it fits.

    • Thanks you we are starting to see the mischievous side of her. Too cute for her own good! lol

  9. To me, she seems like a Pippin. So cute and sweet, she makes me want another pup!

  10. I like Pixie!

  11. Loooove the name Pixie. Oh my, she is SO adorable!

  12. What a face! She looks like a Pixie to me!

  13. I wanted to let you know that I nominated you for a Blogger Award. You can find it here: and I still vote for Pixie!! πŸ˜‰

  14. That playpen is really cute. I like Pixie and Pippin, but of course my favorite is Tilly Bush. πŸ™‚ I find router to be just too masculine.

    • Did you know there is a Nancy Tilly Bush on facebook? hahahahaha

      • Really really?

  15. Pipi!!!! She is adorable!! πŸ™‚

  16. I think she’s too cute for any of those names. IMO, means nothing…

    • Hummm that is an interesting one!

      • Actually, you know that it’s an acronym for ‘in my opinion.’ I think that since you are asking and we’re all tellling, IMO (eemo) would be a great name for her.

      • hahaha Hubby works for the Air Force and he said an acronym is not a name. Silly him!

      • How about this, then,
        Imo. Eemo. πŸ˜€

      • Silly men he says it is too masculine! How can an IMO be masculine?

  17. I like Pixie and Pippi. They are cute “little” names and she is definitely both cute and little. I’d also suggest Trixie since she will probably have plenty of tricks in her as she starts to join the pack.

    You and hubby are blessings to the wonderful creatures that you continue to rescue. God Bless.

    • Thank you for the great compliment. And Pixie is my favorite!

  18. Imo is too close to Nemo so I wouldn’t choose it.

  19. Pippi!!!

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