Posted by: notsofancynancy | September 2, 2012

And Her name is………

Hi, My name is Pixie!

After much deliberation and voting from you all we finally have a name. The most voted on name was Pixie. It got quite a few more votes than any other name and we finally decided that the masses can’t be wrong. She is certainly mischievous!

Pixie Choosing a Toy from the Toy Box

Thanks to everyone for the votes and suggestions. She is doing good and I cannot get over the fact she STILL has not had a potty accident in the house. How lucky are we?



  1. Pixie seems like the perfect fit, because that is certainly what she looks like. She is a little doll! 🙂

    • Thanks we are still adjusting to having another baby.

  2. Pixie sounds just right. I love the photos and hope you’ll keep them coming. No accidents is a lovely beginning!!

    • It seems too good to be true! But 6 days without an accident can’t be a fluke, right?

  3. Welcome Pixie – do hope you live up to your name! Getting a much better idea of you now we’ve seen you from all angles – you are a delightful girl.

  4. Yay! Pixie is such a cool name for this little girl… her bed has the same color like her coat – that’s awesome…

    • Yes it is hard to tell the difference when she is in that bed and thank you!

  5. That suits her just fine….how cute she is too.

  6. Very cute name for a very cute baby! Funny, but she looked larger in the previous pics, this one shows how little she really is. Has she played with Roxie yet?

    • Since she got fixed last Monday we have been keeping her separate also in case she gets kennel cough. But we finally let them play a bit yesterday and this morning. Talk about funny! they are a kick together!

  7. Pixie, I love it, now you have to get a Dixie — remember those two mouses?

  8. Pixie is perfect!

    • Thanks! It has been my favorite all along, I just had to convince hubby! lol

  9. Good choice.

  10. Enjoy Pixie. Glad you came to a decision.

  11. One day Dixie will have to meet Pixie.

  12. The name suits her perfectly! 🙂 Debra

  13. PERFECT! 😀

  14. Pixie is precious!!! She even knows where her Toy Box is…..

    She looks like a real bundle of Joy. I hope she is fitting in with the Pack? Take Care and God Bless 🙂

    • Thank you! The pack is a little disrupted as expected. It is always hard to integrate another dog in the pack especially a puppy with high energy.

  15. Pixie! What a perfect name for the little fun pup!

  16. Hello Pixie! She is a darling – I just love that top picture of her, she has the most darling ears! I am sure it won’t be too long till she has charmed the “pack”. It took Lacey the new comer awhile to get used to our pack…the boys all “loved” her and she would have none of that! LOL But since then she has laid down the boundaries and they all get along fine.

    • She is working on charming the pack but they just don’t know what to think! It may take awhile but she will settle in.

  17. perfect. You are welcome for my suggestion.

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