Posted by: notsofancynancy | September 3, 2012

The Birth of a Wildfire

The Williams Fire Begins

A Couple Hours In

Right Before Sunset

It Turned the Moon Red

3600 acres burned as of this morning and only 5% Contained. The wind has shifted and it is blowing the smoke down into the LA Basin


  1. Oh no! We hate them so. Not just the land burned but so much wildlife too.

  2. It is always amazing to me that such destruction can bring about such stunning photos.

  3. Oh that’s scary, sorry for the people and the animals…

    • Yes it is scary. It is not threatening any homes or near civilization so only wildlife is threatened at this time. Still sad.

  4. That is not good! I especially don’t like that you can see it from your house! I hope they get it contained fast.

    • Me too! It is kind of weird as it is up in Azusa Canyon which is out of the LA basin, but we can still see it here in the High Desert.

  5. This has certainly been the year for fires. Sending good thoughts your way.

  6. We’re watching on the news this morning, I’m heartbroken for the wildlife in the area. Hope they are able to get control soon.

  7. Amazing moon.

    • I was amazed at how red it was. I wish we could have gotten a better picture.

  8. I remember my first SoCal wildfire, when the air turned orange in the afternoon. It’s a very humbling experience to see your environment change so suddenly & profoundly.

    • I grew up here and despise “Fire Season.” as you said it is very humbling.

  9. How terribly sad.

  10. I hope all is well with you.

    • Other than a little smoky here it has a long way to go before it would even reach our mountain. It is in the San Gabriel Mountain and the ones closest to us are the San Bernardino Mountain Range. We are safe here, for now.

  11. This fire is very near where I live and I work in Azusa. Fire season has officially opened, sad to say! Debra

    • I grew up in Azusa! and that is where my grand kids live! It is a small world!

  12. Whew, I’m glad that you are safe and sound; but, as someone from another part of the country who is not personally familiar with the fires in the west, it sounds really scary.

    • Thankfully it is a long way away from us and we are in no danger here in the high desert. We have had others that have been closer, but it is still nothing to take lightly.

  13. Hard to “like” a fire, but you know what I mean. Be safe!

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