Posted by: notsofancynancy | September 3, 2012

Weekly Photo Challenge: Free Spirit #3

This little one is certainly a free spirit! Her Name is Pixie LaScruff



  1. And a lucky spirit.

  2. Shake a paw Ms. Pixie, a pleasure to be sure.

  3. Pixie is super cute!

  4. She is certainly a little cutie. 😀

  5. Pixie ROCKS!!!!! Soooooo freggin cute! 🙂

  6. Is Pixie a rough coat Jack Russell?

    • We have no idea what she is. In fact my post today will ask what you all believe she is.

  7. so cute! and I love her name.. I would guess she is a Chihuahua cross

    • Thank you! It is really hard to tell what the heck she is! lol

  8. Your little Miss Pixie is already becoming a star!! 😉

    • She is so darn cute I cannot stop taking pictures of her. lol

  9. As the “Mother” of 5 italian greyhounds, your dog takes the cake, that picture is a gem and definitely has earned her title as Pixie LaScruff, that is a winning picture if I ever saw one!

    • Thank you she has stolen our heart! Thanks for the reblog!

  10. Reblogged this on spirit struck and commented:
    From notsofancynancy…Pixie LaScruff is a winner

  11. Pixie LaScruff? Awesome!!!

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