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9/11 Memorial~Never Forget

Ground Zero, July 2011

I had never been to New York before, in fact I had never been on a plane before I went to my Nephew’s wedding in New Jersey in February of 2010. I had a fear of heights which carried over to being afraid of flying. My oldest sister passed away in 1998 and I have always been close with her three son’s, who are only 8 years younger than me. I grew up with them and when they were young it was like we were brothers and sister rather than nephews and aunt. When they moved to New Jersey in 2007 I was devastated. I thought for sure I would never see them again. That was until the day the oldest called me and told me he was getting married. With my sister being gone I felt it was the right thing to do, to face my fear, get on a plane, and represent my sister at his wedding.

A fitting memorial

That first plane ride was one of the scariest things I have ever done. But I did it and it didn’t kill me so I returned in July to see the younger nephew who had the lead role in a play. I stayed a couple of weeks and they insisted they take me to New York. Now I had no desire to go to the city, in fact it scared the hell out of me, but I played along. I did not know what to expect other than all the really tall buildings and lots of people. I hate crowds and had a horrible fear of this big city. Lets just say that TV does not always portray New York as a safe place to go. That first trip conquered my flying fear and reminded me of how safe I always felt with my nephews around me.

October 2011

The middle nephew had to be away from home in September of 2011 so I went back for a couple of months to help out with his teenaged kids. While I was there my niece had gotten tickets to see the 9/11 memorial and invited me along. I was excited and scared. Of course it is scary going to a place which had so much devastation. I was not sure if I was going to be able to handle all the pain the site held.

Memorial Wall

I have to admit it was an experience I would do again. I was afraid that I would feel the terror the hero’s felt when they perished.  I found that the memorial was an eerily peaceful place. Yes I cried a few tears but I don’t feel like the people’s souls who were murdered still remain in this place. I was amazed at all the different nationalities that were represented there. All of us there to show our respect to those who lives were sacrificed.

It is really a peaceful place. It is unexpectedly quiet and serene, but at the same time commands respect. I found a bench and sat down to take it all in. It was a warm day and as I sat I felt a cold breeze pass through me. I feel it was the angels who reassured me the souls are not trapped but have made it to the other side in record time.

Amazing water featured drown out the city noise.

The two big water features are amazing and they bring about a calm sense to the area. You can’t help being touched by the memories the memorial holds. It certainly is a touching tribute to those who fell that day, September 11, 2001, a day I will never forget.

A Family Member Memorialized

Let us Never Forget



  1. Someday I would like to experience this as well, and yes, let us never forget.

    • I would highly recommend it! It put my heart at peace knowing the souls were not there.

  2. Beautiful post. I hope to one day visit. Thanks for visiting my blog by the way 🙂

    • Thank you and thanks for the return visit!

  3. Beautiful tribute. Nothing in my life has ever invoked such emotion that never seems to fade.

  4. Thank you, Nancy. Yes, beautiful tribute and post. Cheryl

  5. Thank you for sharing. Not having been there, yet, I love the feelings others share of this visit. God bless.

    • Why thank you Chatter Master! It was an amazing experience.

  6. Yes let us never forget.

  7. Wonderful post 🙂
    I have often wanted to visit New York City, a place I have seen in films quite often. When I visit it, I’d definitely go to the WTC memorial. 🙂
    The photographs were nice.

    • Thank you so much! It was a emotional experience but worth going to the city for.

  8. You wrote such a beautiful tribute done from the heart. In viewing the pictures, it does appear peaceful and serene. It is funny, but I was talking with my husband this morning. I told him that if we visit New York, I would like to visit the memorial.
    Thank you I truly enjoyed the read.

    • Thank you so much and I highly recommend visiting the memorial. It is such a peaceful place, which was totally unexpected being as the disaster that happened there. I think more people need to feel the calm that now resides there. It truly makes one feel better to know that souls of those who perished are not still there.

  9. Thankyou for sharing these photos, I definitely hope to make a trip there one day. I’ve never been to New York, and would love to see the memorial

    • I think it is important for as many as can to go. I love that it encompasses respect from all nationalities. What the terrorists thought would tear our country apart only made us stand as one.

  10. This is lovely. I haven’t been to Ground Zero since the Memorial has been completed. It looks beautiful.

  11. You have shown your own courage in facing your fears. Thanks for sharing your story.

    • Thank you I never looked at it that way.

  12. I think it’s great that you have faced your fears and flown and explored. Well done. I appreciate your honest words from your Ground Zero visit. I’ve been to New York, but have not seen Ground Zero, so I appreciated your photos, too.

    • Thank you so much! It was an emotional experience!

  13. Nancy, thank you for taking us to the Memorial.. I haven’t been to NYC since 2001, and it made me glad to hear that this is a peaceful place in the madness. Your photos are very nice, especially showing roses resting at the names of loved ones. Thank you so much!

  14. I hope to visit the memorial some day. Beautiful images.

    • Thanks you and I hope your get there it is truly amazing.

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