Posted by: notsofancynancy | September 12, 2012

Pixie LaScruff’s First Bath

We are going to do What?

Pixie LaScruff has been with us now for two weeks. Because the shelter insisted she be fixed before she went home with us (she was only 10 weeks old??) she came home with her little belly stitched up so a bath was not an option. Thankfully she did not smell too bad and we held off until Saturday. She went to the Vet that morning and got the stitches out and her shots updated. It was not long until she was in the kitchen sink getting her first bath.

OMdoG! What are you doing?

My hubby and I have never had a dog with this kind of scruffy hair but she sure was clean when we got done and smelled a lot better.

I am all wet!

After the bathing we towel dried her and fluffed her hair.

I know you think I am cute!

She was a good pup and the first bath was very successful!

I am pretty, so pretty!

But wait Roxie LaBow is a little jealous!

But look at me I am cuter!




  1. the third picture is so cute, awww her ears!!!!

    • Those ears make me just want to hug her, until she bites me……lol love bites

  2. Funny! By the way, doggies–nice ears.

    • They take after their father! (my hubby) lol

  3. Poor Roxie! Tell her she’s cute too!

    • I tell her all the time. The “Girls” are alone outside for the first time. I can see them playing, it warms my heart!

      • I lost my almost 15 year old Yorkie in May. I have really enjoyed watching your dogs and enjoying your puppy with you. I’m not sure if we’ll get another one…at least not now. I do appreciate you sharing yours though! They will be best of friends in no time!

      • It is so hard to lose them. I am so sorry. The only way that I can look at losing them is it opens my home up so I can rescue another. A puppy is a lot of work though. You will know when it is time for another.

  4. Pixie LaScruff is a perfect name. Pixie alone was just not substantial enough for a dog this powerful – she’s adorable. And now sweet smelling.

    • Thank you Donna! She is certainly mischievous and scruffy!!!! lol

  5. Oh my word, she is so pretty!

  6. So adorable! Did Roxie get her bath??

    • Roxi got one too! She really wish she didn’t though. lol

      • sounds like our dog, he’s turns into the

  7. She looks so little in the photo of her in the kitchen sink. She’s a lucky, loved little pup.

    • She is a mischievous little pup! lol but yea how can you not love that scruffy face!

  8. Roxie is going to be just like Zoey. When Kira gets her bath (she has to go first or we would be digging her out from underneath the sofa) Zoey waits expectantly for her turn! First dog we’ve had that does that! Pixie looks precious!

    • Doug really, really likes the new pup. I have never seen a dog wait their turn though……funny but that was what it seemed like Roxi was doing. She taught the baby to go out, and in, and out, and in, and out, the dog door today! They are really enjoying playing together!

  9. Its you and me all over

    • Not sure what that is suppose to mean brother dear.

  10. Oh my…she is beautiful. ajm

  11. Pups getting their first baths makes me smile every time!

  12. Wow, I’ve missed a lot here, haven’t I! I love that name, Pixie LaScruff! it’s perfect for her!

    • Thank and welcome back! BTW I am so glad you are back! I am really glad you decided to keep blogging! Yea for us!

  13. Pixie looks so cute after her bath. She looked cute before but even better now. 🙂

  14. Great that she’s all healed up and playing with the other dogs. Sweeter smelling for now but with all that terrier blood she’ll be in up to her ears in yuckiness soon enough!

    • Yes those terriers are a handful…. gotta love em!

  15. So cute, and co-operative. We use to try and give Buddy a bath…outside of course since he was over 100 lbs. He was not a fan. It wouldn’t be long and he’d find a stinky pond somewhere. LOL What can you do?

    • I use to have a 106 lb Chocolate Lab named Mohave (His story is under The Dogs who Loved me Series) who was a therapy dog, which means lots of baths. He would get in the bath tub all by himself but only because it was the only time he got hot dogs. Silly guy hated baths but loved hot dogs more.

      • LOL, sounds like a smart boy. I imagine the folks he visited were happy for that.

  16. Awe, she is so adorabe and tiny, congrats new mommy and daddy 🙂

  17. Tuck the Law Dog was not allowed to leave the Shelter without being neutered. So he couldn’t have a bath for 10 days–we took him to the vet in a week for his 1st checkup and the vet said it was ok to bathe him–yeah! Just luv those ears…

    • I don’t have a problem with the fact she had to be fixed but I had never heard of a dog being fixed at 10 weeks (by their estimation) old. Then we could not bathe her for 14 days. Yikes she was stinky! Just glad it is all over and she is smelling good now. Yea!

  18. Awww, so cute!

  19. My squeal-o-meter is off the charts!! This just made my day – thanks!!!

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