Posted by: notsofancynancy | September 25, 2012

Weekly Photo Challenge: Solitary #4

Iron Mountain Mine Area, California

What I love most about the desert is you can be alone. Me off on a hike and look! Not another soul around! Love it!


  1. certainly personifies solitary

  2. The desert definitely has a beauty that not everyone sees…nice shot…

    • I am kind of glad not everyone sees it. It makes it easier to be alone. lol

  3. Was this a self-timer shot? I, too, had stood out in the desert on a chilly morning many years back. You could hear the wind flowing through your hair. The starkness would have also been a friend to those early settlers for certainly, you could have heard rustling out in the shrubs.

    • lol It was not a timer shot. My hubby is there with me but if I don’t look his way I am all alone. And if I want to be more alone I walk further.

  4. Are you ever afraid to go alone?

    • No I am never afraid of being out in the desert alone. I love the feeling of solitude, knowing I may not meet anyone else while I am there.

  5. I love me some solitary hikes. 😀

  6. I agree and miss the desert

    • I can’t believe I am lucky enough to live here! lol

  7. Peaceful and quiet. That must be so nice!

  8. I love it for that reason too lol but then we have a party and they come from every cactus lol

    • tehe!

      • 🙂

  9. Watch out for spiders and snakes…

    • I know, right? I am ever vigilant when walking around.

  10. That’s why I live here. Isolation suits me most of the time. Canyonlands is certainly big sky country. You can go for miles without ever seing anyone.

  11. As there hasn’t been a new WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge yet, perhaps you’d like to join in the Weekly Travel Theme xxx Ailsa

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