Posted by: notsofancynancy | October 16, 2012

Weekly Photo Challenge: Big

Big As_ Spider……. As Big as a Quarter with Legs

On my recent visit to Colorado I spied this Big As_ Spider. I have never seen one like it before. Have you seen one? Can you identify it?


  1. Oh my gosh! I’ve not seen one that big either. Can’t identify it, but what a picture!

  2. Can’t identify it but what a log of bugs it must eat!

    • I am thinking that is how it got so big! lol

  3. Hey Nancy, it looks like you found a big one. I asked a fellow blogger (The Naturephile) to stop by your post to see if he can help you ID the Spi-dee. Take Care and God Bless 🙂 Kenny T

    • Hello Nancy, I can’t identify your spider but it looks very much like an Araneus species, some of which we have here in the UK. The most common one here is Araneus diadematus which is known simply as the ‘garden spider’. There is another similar species called Araneus quadratus which has a pale green body and looks alot like your picture here. So it may be worth checking out other examples of the Araneus genus some of which are resident in the western US. Good luck with your id efforts!

      • Thanks! I will check it out and see if it is a match. Neat to learn about your spiders!

      • I wanted to thank you! I found that the spider IS an Araneus also known as a Cat Faced Spider, non venomous. Funny cause the house where I found it has 8 cats living there.

    • Thanks Kenny and thanks for sending your fellow blogger over for a try!

  4. I refuse to “Like” a spider… but I’ll comment instead. 😉

    • Thanks Patrick! She is an ugly one and creepy too!

  5. Eeep! That’s a big one. I like spiders in theory, but in real life when they’re big guys like this, I get creeped out.

  6. Why not try sending the photo to a college or university? I’m sure someone there has seen a big As_ Spider somewhere. Good grief that’s ugly!!

  7. Yas, thas Chester. I ‘member him.

    • hahahaha You may want to call him home!

  8. oh hell no, never seen one and don’t want to…spiders freak me out.

    • They freak out both of the people that live where this freakish spider lives. I would have stepped on him but he is almost on the roof! Yikes!

  9. They SQUISH real good! lol

    • The peoples who’s house it was are terrified of spiders, but yet they allowed it to live, well until yesterday. They sprayed it and it fell down they spent quite a while searching for it before they found it dead.

      • I don’t like spiders either! 🙂 We have huge, hairy, dark brown ones like that in Long Beach.

      • I don’t like them but after dealing with snakes here in the high desert spiders don’t scare me anymore.

      • My oldest daughter got bit by a baby rattler on Good Friday, 2001… in our front yard in Walnut!

      • OMGoodness! I can’t imagine the pain she went through and the worry your family went though. In Walnut? Wow crazy. The dog I had when I moved here got bit twice by baby rattlers and once by a non poisonous snake. After dealing with that spiders don’t scare me. Well unless they are crawling on me.

  10. Ooh that is a scary photo. Very appropriate for Halloween. I will take snakes before spiders any day! lol.

    • Oh and I would take spiders before snakes. lol Once you have dealt with as many snakes as I have here in rural desert you come to appreciate spiders….. not! But if I have to deal with one I choose spiders.

  11. I never understand why a big deal is made over a little spider…then you show me this! And I realize I’m not afraid of spiders because I am never around anything this big. I don’t think I’d like to get too close to this guy! 🙂

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