Posted by: notsofancynancy | November 11, 2012

Veterans Day 2012- 110th/35th Quartermaster

In honor of my father and his fellow soldiers please help me in honoring them this Veterans day

Dad on the left in the Color Guard…. sometime in the 1940’s

Dad and his best buddy, Robert “Bob” Winter Overseas 1944-5

Dad on Left

35th Quartermaster Battalion

Join me on Thursday’s for the telling of my father’s WWII Story. Or you can check it out chapter 1 now by clicking on this link!

Read my favorite chapter here: The Yoo Hoo Incident

Or you can click on my WWII Category to find a list of all chapters



  1. Happy 11-11.
    For a note—my first g-daughter was born 11-11 and turned the magical 16 today.

  2. I think you honor them by this blog.

  3. Wonderful, wonderful… and the color guard photo is priceless. You are extremely fortunate to have these great memories.

    Happy Veteran’s Day, notsofancynancy!

    • Same back to you Mustang Koji! And thank you for your fathers service to our country!

  4. What a fabulous way to do a remembrance post, with photographs so close to your heart.

    • Thank you so much! I have a lot to be thankful for this Veterans Day.

      • We all do. I wish more kids these days would realize that…

      • Agreed!

  5. Let us never forget.

  6. What great photos! Veteran’s Day is all the more special when we look at the photos of men we know something about. I’ve so enjoyed what you have shared from your parents’ experiences. It has enriched my own understanding of those times. oxo

    • As it has done mine. I am glad I chose this path to read, transcribe, and share them. With comments like this I feel like I am sharing them with people who have really come to care about them. Thanks for the kind words, they mean so much!

  7. It’s a good reminder, Nancy: our troops’ service may begin at enlistment. It never ends, nor should our gratitude to them.

  8. Nancy you are very blessed to have the letters and photos you have. Wish we had been so blessed. Love you, Sis in Texas

    • Thanks Sis! I have told myself that many time and am very thankful!

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