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World War II Chapter 51, And the Angels Sing

World War II

And The Angels Sing

Chapter 51

Dad has been on the move in France since arriving in May and is following the 35th Infantry Division as near as I can tell. Among the items I found in Dad’s war things was a booklet called, “Attack, The Story of the 35th Infantry Division.” It is in great shape and contains a map that shows the advancement of the 35th Infantry from the time they hit foreign soil through the occupation of Germany.  Dad’s letters are written in a hurried hand although they contain very few words of what is actually going on around him. There are a few hints though but you need to look hard to find them.

Map of the Advancement of the 35th Infantry

Map of the Advancement of the 35th Infantry

4 September, Near Chassericourt, France

Darling, Well maybe there will be some mail later. I hope so cause as of now I have nothing to write. I dug out some letters of yours and reread them. Gosh Mommie. I don’t know. Guess I’m going to have to get home. Well this can’t end any too soon for us. You know Mommie I said I was sending you a money order. Well kick me cause I forgot to put it in the letter. So I’ll send it tonight (for sure) I also have a great big kiss I want to send you. How’s that? I love you my sweet. How’s Jr.? Of course he must be pretty good. You never did say what Pop said about Jr.  Mom seems to like it. Although I feel as she (thinks) I should be there cause gosh I sure feel out of place here. Even if I would only be in the way.  I could hang on a nail in the corner you know. I have finally found what our cable address is for sure. As I said name, rank, serial no. and AMEJOD. I’m not sure whether it’s faster or not. Let’s hope I’m home by then. (by the time the baby is born) I know I won’t be but the big shots say maybe. So I’m dreaming. You asked about a couple of names. Well Mommie I’m caught up on my sleep enough now to know what I’m writing. I think I gave you quite a vague answer. I’m sorry honey. They are both swell. I like Cynthia Marie best though Linda Lee has to [sic] wide a territory to cover on pen names. Of course both have that but I like the first best. Bob told me to tell you all hello. Madeline is ok. She is certainly up in the air since she learned we were in France. I hope you aren’t that way Honey cause there isn’t anything to worry about. Only that I’m not with you. As I said you take care of yourself and Jr. and I’ll be home as soon as possible. The man just brought me a new pair of shoes. No I didn’t wear these out from walking. Just lost a heel and sole was bad. I guess I have rambled on enough for now my sweet. I love you very much my favorite girl. I love you.

6 September, Near Chassericourt, France

My Darling Wife, I just put my hand in the wrong place and got stung. There was a bee there. I guess I’ll know better next time. They really raise a welt. I also just got a letter from you. Gosh was I ever glad to get that. I didn’t dream of getting one today because we had had one mail call and only one letter from Lucille. She wants to send me a box also. Gosh I don’t know what to tell her. Her brother had her sending him things. I don’t want anything only a portfolio for my writing things and I don’t even need that now. I have a German first aid kit and am keeping it in that. But would still like to have one. I’m awfully glad you got all the money I have sent home. You’ll probably be fooled I sent one letter and said I was sending money and forgot to put it in. But put it in last nights [sic] letter. So it will only be a couple days later. Rosa and Harold had the only twins I have known about in the Woodside Family at least remember knowing. Know what Mommie. I believe I could set through a good show. It’s been a long time since I have been to one. I have some French coins to send sometime. Hope you don’t mind them either. I have been swapping for them Souvenirs you know. I love you my darling. Gosh I love you lots. Take care of Jr. and yourself. I love you sweetheart.

Dad Wrote "Another one we could not use" Mr. Cain Wrote "Near Toul"

Dad Wrote “Another one we could not use” Mr. Cain Wrote “Near Toul”

8 September QM moved to vicinity of Bulligny, France, approximately ten miles south of Toul

9 September, Near Bulligny, France

My Dearest Wife and Jr. Well honey no mail yet today. I was in hopes it would be in so I would have something to write. But no luck. Haven’t had any mail for three days now. Gosh that’s a long time too. Now a days anyway because we aren’t too busy. And time doesn’t go so fast. How’s Junior tonight Mommie. Is he spoiled yet? My gosh honey I think I’m more excited over him than I am over the war. It doesn’t excite me at all anymore. And all the time I’m thinking about you two. Planning things for us. This just has to end now so we can get home. Bob has been writing Madeline what we were going to do first when we reached the states. Besides coming home of course. We are going to a restaurant and he is going to eat all the fried chicken he can and I’m going to buy vanilla wafers and milk. We’re going to do this in case we can’t get to come home right away. If we get to well it can waite [sic] You know he still might come out there on his honeymoon. He sure has been thinking hard about it lately. He has to fix his car up first so he will have plenty of time to do what you said. By the way Mommie look around and see if you can find a good second hand wheel barrow with a good rubber tire in the front. So you can push me and Junior uptown to buy the groceries. Well maybe Junior will be big enough to help you. Lucille wanted to know what I wanted for Xmas. I don’t want anything. Haven’t any place to keep it. As for candy gum and stuff like that we are getting more than we can eat now. So it’s no use to send that. Guess I’ll have to celebrate Christmas when I get home. It will be much better that way. I know I won’t get any place to buy. Couldn’t buy anything. Enough of that. I love you my darling wife. I love you so much. I missed writing again last night. I love you Mommie.

Dad Wrote, (Judson)"Haviland, Chow time French Style," Mr. Cain Wrote "Haviland, Toul"

Dad Wrote, (Judson)”Haviland, Chow time French Style,” Mr. Cain Wrote “Haviland, Toul”

11 September, Near Bulligny, France

My Darling, So Junior is wiggling around a little. Sounds good Mommie. Gosh I can hardly waite [sic]. I don’t imagine I could if I were there. But 10,000 miles and lots to do kind of helps. Yes Lucille’s brother probably was near us where we first came but now the Lord only knows how far we are apart. I would have liked to see him though. If only to see how he liked the Army. You see he was one of those who were afraid to be drafted and then kind of liked it. So I’m told. I did see some fellows from home though. One I worked with as a civilian. It was good to see him. In fact it is good to see almost anyone. I guess by now you have guessed the mail has caught up with us again. I got in after midnight last night and had mail here. It sure did seem good to have even if I did have to crawl down under the blankets and read by flashlight. So now I have about three from you two from Mom and one from Bob [Dad’s brother] to answer. Not bad Huh! It sure took a long time for them to get here though. I mean between letters. They came in about 10 days. August 23 was an awful day for me. I’m not sure I was awake long enough to remember our anniversary or not. Then we were awful busy. When we weren’t going we were trying to sleep. Mommie I wish some of this cool weather was back there especially when its [sic] so hot there. We are almost to waring [sic] our long handles [underwear]. In fact some are. I’m crazy or I would be. So you are the committee as secretary. Huh! Gosh Mommie how am I going to keep up with you when I get home. I’m glad though. Four of us had fried spuds with onions in them tonight. If I could eat like that all the time I believe I would get fat or at least gain back what I lost. I heard an awful good rumor today. Only it was to [sic] good to be true so I’ll just say I love you very, very much my darling and wish I were coming home tomorrow. Only we haven’t gotten Germany plowed enough. I love you Mommie.

Dad Wrote "(Myron J.)Morris, "Truman "Ben" Howard German Plane," Mr. Cain Wrote "Toul, German ME109-Cain"

Dad Wrote “(Myron J.)Morris, “(Truman “Ben”) Howard German Plane,” Mr. Cain Wrote “Toul, German ME109”

13 September, Near Bulligny, France

My Darling Wife, Gosh Mommiemore mail from you. I haven’t had time to answer half of what I have gotten. They have ganged up on me from about the 25th to the 1st. So I have lots of them. Oh! Man that is nice. If you can’t read this I am writing by flashlight and can hardly see the lines. Now I have your letters straight so I’ll begin to answer. First we went to a show tonight. (The reason for the flashlight.) Only it seems the electricity was turned off before it was finished so we only saw 1 ½ reels. Named “And The Angels Sing.” (See Below) Can we grow beans in all those vases we are getting. Boy what a bean patch we could have. I’ll bet they are pretty though. But I have to have a place for beans. You said you sent a birthday present and it would be a little early. I don’t think so unless things change. As far as packages are concerned. It usually takes about 3 months for them to get here. Honey don’t ever send candy, cookies, or things like that. I haven’t seen one package that you were able to eat. I said once to send some but I didn’t realize then what would happen. Mommie I don’t care if you spend every cent you get. I sure would if it were me. And just because you aren’t working doesn’t mean you haven’t any money. I keep what I need here and spend it so you do the same. Gosh it’s late and I have an early detail so if you’ll excuse me I’ll go back to bed. I love you my darling wife. Mommie I won’t care if you write on that colored stationary every time if you tell me you love me like you did then. Gosh Honey I like to hear you say that. I love you darling.

 Dad Wrote "Same Plane. Notice how they fly to pieces when they hit the ground. Some over a good 10 acres or more. Some engines are buried" Mr. Cain Wrote "German Plane, Toul"

Dad Wrote “Same Plane. Notice how they fly to pieces when they hit the ground. Some over a good 10 acres or more. Some engines are buried” Mr. Cain Wrote “German Plane, Toul”

According to Wikipedia:

And the Angels Sing (1944) is a classic example of a film musical written to capitalize on the title of a previously popular song; in this case Benny Goodman‘s 1939 number one hit song, “And the Angels Sing” by Ziggy Elman and Johnny Mercer, and sung by Martha Tilton although the song is not sung in the film. The standout original songs in the musical were It Could Happen To You (song) sung by Dorothy Lamour, which quickly became a pop standard and “His Rocking Horse Ran Away,” which became one of Betty Hutton‘s most popular numbers.

Dad Wrote "Some more of the plane I sent last night"  Mr. Cain Wrote "German Plane, Toul"

Dad Wrote “Some more of the plane I sent last night” Mr. Cain Wrote “German Plane, Toul”

© 2013 notsofancynancy

Robert “Bob” Winter, Judson Haviland, Marvin Cain, Truman “Ben” Howard, Myron J. Morris



  1. What great photos!

  2. This is just the type of post I look for everyday. Way to go Nancy.

    • Thank you so much it really means a lot to hear!

  3. I was wondering what year this was going on. In 1945, my father, Lad, was in Marseilles (southern France) and my Uncle Dan was near Calais (northeastern France). (Side Note – My family (both the Guions and the Duryees) emigrated from La Rochelle, on the eastern coast, in the 1660’s).
    Wouldn’t it be interesting, since we have connected in 2012) if our relatives were in France at the same time?

    • Dad was in France from July 1944 to January 1945 when they crossed into Holland then on to Germany. It would be very interesting!

  4. Way cool map. These posts must take forever to compose – I love your attention to detail! Amazing…

    • Thanks so much. It really means a lot to hear it!

      • keep going!

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