Posted by: notsofancynancy | March 27, 2013

Have you missed me? Well here’s a Contest!

What? I wasn't doing anything!

What? I wasn’t doing anything!

I have been trying to focus on getting my father’s letters transcribed so I have not been adding daily posts. I have been getting pretty far ahead of where we are on the blog. It has been interesting to say the least. Dad is opening up a little more in his letters. I would go on but I wouldn’t want to give anything away.

You will have to keep reading for contest information!

I have also been having some internet issues. There are hours when I can’t get connected. We are working on that.

I have just welcomed my 814th follower and have had almost 30,000 views. Thank you all so much. It warms my heart to have you read my father’s story,comment, and add your own knowledge to the post. Lots of you and others have encouraged me to get it published.  I think I have to do whatever I can to make sure people never forget The 110th Quartermaster/35th Quartermaster and their role in World War II.

Almost there!

So back to the publishing part/contest, I need to come up with a name for Dad’s Story and there is where I need your help. Yep, it should be a contest, I need a working title for the story and I have nothing. So far all I have is World War II, and I need to come up with something witty. So how about it, put on your thinking cap and help me name Dad’s story. I can’t wait to see what you come up with. If you come up with the winning title and if we use it you will be sent a prize! A gift that holds my father’s memories in it. In the event there is a tie all names will be thrown in Le Clown’s top hat and picked randomly.

It will be quite a while until I get to where Dad’s story is finished and it will be ready to be sent to a publisher but with your help and continued support I know, “I got this!”


  1. Lefty’s view of WWII

  2. letters over 5000 miles? btw: pixie looks like the daughter of captain blackbeard :o)

    • She certainly did look like black beard! lol That day she was asking for a parrot she promised not to eat! And she never did confess to playing in the mud….. Silly kid!

  3. “WWII: According to Lefty” or something uniquely GI and you’re Dad. You’ll know what it is–a repeated phraseology, or something from his letters. My Dad repeatedly referred to the “Horse medics” maybe “Staying One Step Ahead of the Horse Medics,” or something like it?

  4. ‘Posted’
    Not even a War could hold up the Mail and their Love


    Dear G.I.
    Lefties Letters Home

    Letters that kept hope alive
    for the fathers and sons in WWII

    I’ll need to work on it some more. If I think of anything I’ll pop in. Congratulations on all your success here and for having such a wonderful treasured keepsake from your dad. Thank you for sharing them with us.

  5. Some great titles…. lets see if I can think of something – how about
    “WWII – Letters from a GI”
    The true story of an American Solider


    “Lefty’s Life In The Army”
    Letters from a WWII Soldier

  6. How about “Enduring Love During The War Years” ~ a story of love in WWII.

    • Love this! I put it on the list!

      • Thanks! 🙂 glad you liked it.

  7. Sorry to come to this so late – been out of contact too. From a later post it seems you’ve got some great ideas. For publishing, you really do need a good title – look forward to hearing what you chose.

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