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The Contest Part Two, naming my dad’s story

Dad wrote "At home in the ETO!"

Dad wrote “At home in the ETO!”

Thanks to everyone who submitted names for my father’s story. I am overwhelmed with all the great names we now have and you reminded me we should have a tag line. Below you will find a list of the titles submitted and now we have to vote! You’re having fun now, Right? Let me know your vote on your favorite title and tag line. It is ok if you mix and match! Remember there will be prizes at the end.

“Enduring Love during the War Years”

A story of love in WWII

“WWII – Letters from a GI”
The true story of an American Solider

“Lefty’s Life in The Army”
Letters from a WWII Soldier (Patty B)

Not even a War could hold up the Mail and their Love

“Dear G.I.”
Lefties Letters Home

Letters that kept hope alive for the fathers and sons in WWII (Boomdeeadda)

WWII: According to Lefty (warturoadam)

Or something uniquely GI and you’re Dad. You’ll know what it is–a repeated phraseology, or something from his letters. My Dad repeatedly referred to the “Horse medics” maybe “Staying One Step Ahead of the Horse Medics,” or something like it?

“Life in the E.T.O.” Lefty’s letters from The European Theater Operation

“Letters over 5000 miles” (easyweimaraner)

“Lefty’s view of World War II” (Julie)

“Lefty’s Legacy” (Andi)

“Lefty’s Life Lessons” The life of Quartermaster in World War II


  1. “Lefty’s Life in The Army”
    Letters from a WWII Soldier (Patty B)

    I like this one. My second choice would be:

    “Dear G.I.”
    Lefty’s Letters Home

  2. My choice :
    “Enduring love during the War Years”
    Lefty’s legacy : the … letters that kept hope alive

  3. Oh man, I don’t know if I can pick just one. Maybe a combo? “Lefty’s Lifeline” has a nice ring to it.

    • Ohhhh that is a new one and catchy one at that! Great job!

  4. “Dear GI”
    Lefty’s love letters

  5. I’m going for a combo, half Paddy B & half me…’Posted’, Letters From A WWII Soldier.

  6. I like “Dear GI” – it’s great!!!

  7. You are right – tough decision…I like Lifeline – Letters that kept hope alive for the fathers and sons in WWII – and Letters over 5,000 miles…good luck in choosing!

  8. How fun Nancy! I’ve been off for so long it’s good to just say hello!

    • Great to have you back! I will stop by when I have a minute!

  9. I’m late to the party as usual! But just for fun, I’m with Kocart… And just for fun again, I like “Lefty’s Love”… or “Lefty’s Lifeline”…or “Reaching for Love”… OK. I’ll stop now. 🙂

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