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Hey YOU! Have you voted yet?

The Begining

The Begining

Can you believe how many of my father’s letters we have gotten through? I am blown away! Of course I am further ahead on transcribing the letters than I am posting them on my blog. I will post chapter 58 on Thursday and I am on chapter 77 in my writing. I ONLY have about 60 letters left to transcribe. Then I have to go back and write the chapters, which is much easier than transcribing the letters. We have come a long way and it is because of you I have made it this far.

Now on to the naming, here is an update of the names for consideration. Please take a minute and leave me a comment on the names, what is your favorite? Is it one on the list or a different combination of the ones listed? Or do you have one that you like better?

Scroll Down!

Look at how few I have left to transcribe!

Look at how few are left!

One name that I loved was Dear GI. The thing that bothered me about it was the letters are not TO the GI but to Mom so “My Darling wife” is what I substituted it for or “Dear VI.?

“My Darling Wife” or “Dear Vi” or Viola, Letters from a World War II Soldier (Patty B)

“Lefty’s Legacy, a suitcase of World War II love letters (Andy)

“Lefty’s Life in The Army” Letters from a WWII Soldier (Patty B)

“The Suitcase” a daughters journey through her father’s World War II letters (David)

“Enduring Love in the War Years” The letters that kept love alive (Sylvie)

“Lefty’s Lifeline,” The letter’s that kept love alive (Will/Sylvie)

“Posted” letters from a World War II Soldier (Patty B.Boomdeeaddea/Patty B.)

“Reaching for Love “Lefty’s letter’s home (Koji)

And here is a late submission,

“Lefty’s War,” Love letters home (worturodam)


  1. I like #4 – “The Suitcase”!

  2. I like “Lefty’s Lifeline,” The letter’s that kept love alive, the best of the submissions. I’m submitting “Lefty’s War,” Love letters home, as an additional suggestion.

  3. I don’t know how you are ever going to pick. I’m once again torn. Now I’m abandoning my idea from last week and split between “My Darling Wife” and “The Suitcase” Maybe work Lefty’s Lifeline into the subtitle for some nice alliteration. Oh man, you have a tough choice!

  4. I like the ‘Dear Vi…” one since it would include your Mom in the title. I like the idea of emphasizing the fact that these are letters from your Dad to your Mom.

  5. Love “The Suitcase” — simple, a little mysterious

  6. I like “The Suitcase”. It’s the basis for the whole story and it’s simple.

  7. My favorite is “The Suitcase…”. Second favorite is “Posted…”

  8. I like the suitcase imagery, but not sure it will cause people to pick the book up off the shelf (or the digital equivalent). My favorite is Posted.
    Laura Hedgecock

  9. My favorite is “Lefty’s Lifeline” – I like the alliteration, and those letters truly were his lifeline to his home, his wife and his child. They probably made his life bearable knowing that Vi was waiting for him.

  10. Love In A Suitcase, WWll

  11. Nancy you are so blessed to have the opportunity to know from the beginning how your parents met and how their love bloomed and continued through their young lives. How wonderful that is. xxx

  12. I vote for the following combo:

    “My Darling Wife: a daughter’s journey through her father’s WWII letters”

  13. Think “Lefty’s Lifeline,” The letter’s that kept love alive (Will/Sylvie) – is great.

  14. How about “A Suitcase of Love”…. and of course a cuppa coffee…. Take Care and God Bless 🙂 Kenny T

  15. “Enduring Love in the War Years” The letters that kept love alive (Sylvie)

    “Lefty’s Lifeline,” The letter’s that kept love alive (Will/Sylvie)

  16. I was going to say “The Suitcase”, but in scrolling through the replies above, I think “Love in a Suitcase” is brilliant!
    I’ve really enjoyed reading your dad’s story. I miss seeing you on DC, but understand that you are super busy with this wonderful project now. Keep enjoying what you do!

  17. I like Reaching for Love – can I change my vote?! lol

  18. You have quite an undertaking – just picking a name! I like the last one – Lefty’s War…
    good luck to you (and does this mean you’re compiling them for a book, my dear? If not, WHY NOT?)
    hugs –

    • I AM looking to get this work published. Picking the name is the first step, well other than getting through the rest of the letters.

      • wonderful and I so wish you well with that!

      • Thank you it means a lot to have your support!

  19. I have a new suggestion for the name – “Love, Lefty”, but I like the description in #4 (a daughter’s journey through her father’s WW II letters). Together they encompass the elements of his letters, as well as your experiences with them. I hope you like it, too!

    • I have been working feverously on getting the letters transcribed and he signs almost all of them “All My Love, Lefty” and I do like that. I have been thinking about it. This is not an easy decision.

  20. Such letters and stories told by WWII participants are the only sourse of true historical information. If the modern generation studies history from movies, they get a very wrong, far from real facts, impression. Those letter are such treasures, a true heritage, thank you for sharing them. Most of my family members (of grandparent’s generation) participated in WWII. My grandma (born in Stalingrad area) joined USSR army as a soldier when she was 19, participated in Stalingrad battle and passed through the frontlines all the way to Berlin in 1945. Grandfather was a flying a fighter. Both remained very open and sincere people and only sometimes remembered the war and cried.

    • Thank you so much for your kind words and sharing a little about your families journey through WWII. It sure changed the world.

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