Posted by: notsofancynancy | April 19, 2013

Pixie Gets a spa day

I Love Pet Head!

I Love Pet Head!

We love the new products from Pet Head. This shampoo we are using “Life’s an Itch,”  is watermelon sented and it makes me want to drink the whole bottle. It is coined as “Skin Soothing Shampoo.” Pixie loved the way it made her skin feel. We finish it off with a health dose of “Mane and Tail” conditioner I leave it in as long as possible and it sure makes her hair soft. After rinsing we blow dry her the step she loves the most.

Here is the Before Picture.

Out to the Garage for the haircut. Here is the Before Picture.

We gave her a spa day last month so this is a months worth of scruff. Of course that was our first time cutting her so it was not the best but we sure learned from our mistakes. You may wonder why cut her at all? Well my friends we live in the desert We have a dirt backyard, and front yard. Only a small patch of grass. Also when we take a walk in the rest of the yard (we have over an acre) the weeds are coming in and sticks and stuff get stuck in her hair. Being whitish she can be a mess.

Ah she feels so much better!

Ah she feels so much better!

And she looks great! I am sure we will get better as she gets more use to the whole process. She is the only dog we have ever had with this kind of hair. This was only the second time and she did a great job. We did a so so job but at least it will get another chance to do better.

Pet head has just come out with a new product which I have not found in the stores yet. It is nail polish for dogs. It dries in just 15 seconds. I can’t wait to get some!


  1. Pixie – what they done to you girl?! Good thing she’s as small as she is and fits in the sink. Bet she smells divine. What colour are the nails going to be? Let me guess… PINK 😀

  2. I’m not surprised you have to cut her, living where you do. As I used to have a farm, I’ve always gone for the dogs with very, very short hair, just to avoid all the nightmares of grooming. That shampoo sounds delicious

  3. The last picture needs no words :o) Be careful with drinking a shampoo, mom ate a soap as she was a child and the result was horrible :o)

  4. What a cutie pie! She’s ready for a date! And does anyone else get the feeling notsofancynancy is going to try that nail polish on herself first? 🙂

    • The only way I will be able to ever wear nail polish is if it only takes 15 seconds to dry and that is iffy. No matter what I have tried I cannot sit still long enough for regular polish dry. So with that said you KNOW I will be trying it hahaha

  5. She looks less than thrilled in that first photo, but that last photo you can tell she loves being nice and clean!

    • I love that last photo! ha She has static in her head hair so it sticks straight up most of the time. I am glad we didn’t cut her personality off.

  6. That last picture is a hoot.

  7. Punky Pixie? Too cute Nancy!

  8. HAHA ‘Life’s an Itch’…that’s so funny. I had my nails done once with an OPI polish that was called ‘My Chihuahua bites’….hehe, it was bright pink. I wish they made people polish that dried in 12 seconds. Pixie you must smell as yummy as you look.

    • ah hahahah My Chihuahua bites! I love that!

  9. She looks so proud of herself! What a charmer! 🙂

    • She does look proud in that last one! Looks like a cartoon character! lol

  10. Clipping my dog is not her favorite. “She did a great job” is not something I’ve ever said about the experience.

    • hahaha I think Pixie loves all the attention she gets on Spa Day. The other kids get jealous. They only need occasional baths, all have short hair!

  11. We like Tropiclean. We’ve never tried Pet Head though.

    • Hummmm Never heard of Tropiclean! I will have to check it out.

  12. What a cutie! I love that last photo. 🙂

    • She really posed for that last one! hahaha It is silly just like her!

  13. Pixie when she’s dry looks a lot like our Gucci. Who hates baths. But aren’t they soft and nice when we wash them (they probably think they stink).

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