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Road Trip: A Comedy of Error’s, Part 1

Road Trip: A Comedy of Error’s

The really, really, really, long Trailer

The really, really, really, long Trailer

I have been away from home since last April 25th Just arrived back home yesterday afternoon. My BFF, David is moving from Canada back to California with a dog and two horses. David has one of the biggest hearts I know. He use to live kitty corner from me. The back yards touched. We constructed a ladder system to make it easier to go between the yards. I have to admit he has one of the biggest kindest hearts I know. I would trust him with my animals and would do it again in a moment. He is one of my dearest friends so I offered to fly to Nebraska meet him there and drive with him so he did not have to go all that way alone. I know nothing of horses or trailer’s but I am real good at sitting down for hours, as in the seat of his comfortable truck. And I am really good with dogs, so I could at least take care of Dixie when he needed me to.

David left Canada and crossed the border on the 24th which just happened to be his birthday. Because he has a really long trailer (Do you remember Desi and Lucille Ball and the movie “The Really Big Trailer?”) He got to the inspection station and handed the horses health papers to the Border Agent and was making small talk when six other agents came up, surrounded him and told him to put his hands up and step out of the truck. It was a total scene from “Cops.” They handcuffed him and took him inside escorted by four of the agents in the distance he watched them drive away in his truck with his horses and dog and most of his worldly processions packed in that really long trailer.

The Rig

“Bessie” is very, very comfortable

As they entered the facility the agents yelled “A & D, A & D” and the crowd parted like the red sea. David had no idea what that meant. All this time he was shaking in his fancy cowboy boots. He has never even been arrested or owned a gun so the confusion of the situation had him baffled. He kept asking what it was all about but they were not ready to share that information with him after all he was Armed & Dangerous. They took him to finger print him and told him “Don’t worry this will not be on your record.” “Record?” he replied “I don’t have a record.” Of course once they finger printed him they found that they had the wrong man. You see David has a name as common as David “Smith” (name changed to protect his innocence.) They gave him his stuff back and apologized he got back to his truck, passed into the US, pulled across the border and pulled over so he could catch his breath. Happy Birthday David and welcome back to the US.

Bruiser on the left, Bailey on the right

Bruiser on the left, Bailey on the right

He continued to his first location in Chicago, spent the night and we had plans that he would pick me up at the airport in Omaha, Nebraska the next day. My plane would land at 1:50 pm and we would then continue on to Kearney, Nebraska where we would spend that night. God had different plans.

Tune in next time……………………………………..

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  1. Wow! That’s quite a story, I’m speechless and want to hear the rest.

    • That was only the beginning! Lets just say I am glad to be home and can laugh at it now!

  2. A birthday to never forget. Please don’t say it gets worse!

    • Well it does not get better! Glad I can laugh at it now!

  3. Well Nancy you are the one person that this would happen to. Your life is a bowl of cherries honey….LOL

    • Honey, you ain’t seen nothing yet! I have not even got there yet!

  4. Nancy, next time you arrive at Eppley in Omaha, give me a call. I’m 25 minutes from the airport.

  5. Well that got my heart rate up! If I were him I would ask for an official card that states I AM NOT THAT DAVID.

  6. Good Grief Nancy, what a scene. I can’t even imagine. I’d be shaking in my boots too. I can’t believe they can finger print you before you’re even charged with anything and without representation.

    • I don’t know how that works! Glad it wasn’t me I would have had to change my pants! lol

  7. Crossing borders is always so scary, I would have had a mental breakdown had they separated me from my animals like that! Thank goodness it all turned out alright, happy bday is right! Can’t wait to read the rest 🙂

    • I have a big fear of crossing boarders or I would have flown to Canada, but with all the stuff that happens to me along the way I am not sure David would have wanted me any longer!

  8. This is good….well, the story is, not so much what happened to David. Looking forward to Part II.

    • I think this incident prepared him for what was to come. After getting handcuffed everything else seemed like nothing! lol

  9. That definitely sounds like a bit of an overreaction, but It was just 9 days after the bombings in Boston so maybe US Customs was showing that they did mean business. I’m looking forward to hearing more of this story.

  10. As another bewildered Canadian–I feel for David

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