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Road Trip: A Comedy of Errors, Part 2

Road Trip: A Comedy of Errors, Part 2

Horse Boarding, Omaha, Nebraska

Horse Boarding, Omaha, Nebraska

I got to my plane in Ontario, California two hours before my scheduled flight on April 25, my Hubby’s birthday which meant I got up at three am to get ready for my hour drive. We boarded the plane it started backing away from the gate and stopped. Ten minutes later the Captain came over the loud speaker and said we would be delayed at least ten more minutes due to the sequester which was affecting the Air Traffic Controllers.  “No problem” I thought I have an hour and a half to catch my connecting flight once we reached Phoenix. Ten minutes later the Captain came back on and said they had a light come on in the controls and we would have to wait for the mechanics to come and check it out. I was only a little worried as I am new to the art of flying having only taken my first fight in 2010 when I conquered my fear.  So the thought of the malfunctioning equipment put a few butterflies in my stomach. Needless to say we were an over an hour late leaving when all was said and done. I missed my flight by 15 minutes. The attendant assured me they had many flight to Omaha and it should not be a problem getting another. It was hot in Phoenix and as I stood in the line to reschedule my flight I was sweating. I do not do hot well. I have five herniated discs in my back and one pinched a nerve and I have pretty bad sciatica. This only allows me to stand about 10 minutes when the pain starts getting pretty bad shooting down my leg. When I reached the counter they told me the next flight would not leave until 7:50 pm. Cripes! It was only 10:00 am. I would now have to spend 10 hours in the Phoenix airport. This would delay my arrival until 11:22 Nebraska time. I went to the bathroom to change out of my sweats and hid in a handicap stall so I could change clothes.

Miracle Hills Ranch and Stables

Miracle Hills Ranch and Stables

Since it was a short trip I had only brought a carry-on bag so thankfully I had all my stuff with me. As I sat on the toilet David called and I just broke down crying. I sat leaning forward to get things out of my bag. I got to really crying and every time I leaned forward the toilet would flush.  It must have flushed four, maybe more times before he got me calmed down and we hung up. Every time it flushed it spit toilet water on my naked bum. I am glad I can laugh at it now.  I would now have to lug my bag and my really heavy suitcase around for eight more hours.

Miracle Hills Ranch & Stables

Miracle Hills Ranch & Stables

David made it to Omaha and scrambled around the internet and found a place in to board the horses then found a motel and prepared to wait until my plane arrived. In the meantime I was sitting in Phoenix biding my time.  Ten hours is a long time when you are waiting. I found that you get free Wi-Fi in the airport so I got on the internet so I checked my mail, finished one and started another chapter in my father’s story. I felt horrible to keep David waiting but as he convinced me there was nothing we could do about it. I finally got to Omaha, to the hotel and fell into a deep sleep. We were now a day behind.

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  1. Nancy this can only happen to you and as I read makes me laugh and keep a smile on my face….I can just imagine the wet butt on the toilet….what a sight………lol.

    • But I just got there! there is more! Stay tuned!

  2. This is a real cliff-hanger!

    • I love that! And as my Sister-in-law said it could only happen to me. Poor, Poor, David! He had no idea what he got himself into when I offered to HELP! Get him back to Cali! hahahaha

  3. It’s the catastrophes that make for the funniest stories later, but oh man…bummer 😉 You’re a trooper though and good friend.

  4. Air travel these days is unpredictable… Mother Nature, repairs… But we sure didn’t need this Sequester bs… Hope the rest went well…

    • It would be so much easier if the rest of the trip went well, but funnier if it didn’t….. stay tuned!

  5. I’m so sorry that you had such a rough time getting to Nebraska. I’m glad you can laugh about it now, but it sounds unbelievably stressful. Air travel these days has the potential to be a nightmare!

    • Nightmare is right! I have to laugh cause it makes such a good story! lol

  6. I know it wasn’t a laughing matter at the time, but the toilet scene made me laugh out loud.

  7. So glad you liked my post “A Wedding Kiss and Dance.” I know I’m following your blog, but seemed to have missed some of your posts. Anyway, I’ll catch up later – Aloha – pjs.

    • Thanks for the visit! Your wedding statues are wonderful!

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