Posted by: notsofancynancy | May 10, 2013

Our Houseguest, Dixie

Dixie at my house

Dixie at my house

This is my friend David’s dog, Dixie. David’s house won’t be ready for him to move into for a month so Dixie is staying with us!

Dixie is a farm dog and use to running the 15 acres she lived on in Canada. Our dogs are so small compared to her so they are scared of her. What a great dog Dixie is, even tempered and obedient. Our dogs are finally getting use to her being around and are finally not hiding when she comes in the room. Pixie even played a bit with her yesterday even though she still tries to bite her. I will miss her when her new home is ready.

David went to a Rodeo in Las Vegas yesterday and just happens to drive right by us so he stopped in for lunch. He brought Dixie the bandana she is wearing. It was hard to see him leave. He may think she is doing fine here (What dog wouldn’t?) but after he left she sat by the front door for a couple of hours watching for him. She misses you David!!!!!

By the way if you haven’t read my trip report of David and my adventure to get Dixie and his two horses from Canada to California here are the links.

Road Trip: A Comedy of Errors, Part 1

Road Trip: A Comedy of Errors, Part 2

Road Trip: A Comedy of Errors, Part 3

Road Trip: A Comedy of Errors, Part 4



  1. Dixie is gorgeous – glad your small fry are getting used to her!

  2. I miss my sweet Dixie horribly … It was equally as hard for me to leave her … Tell her I will be with her on mothers day. Then when we move into our house I will buy her her own pool. Oh sweet Dixie your dad misses you too.

    • Are you trying to make me cry? She misses you too!

  3. Love the Bandanna, I know you’ll spoil her rotten so she doesn’t miss daddy too too much. She’s so cute!

    • She is a really good dog! I am happy to spoil her! lol

  4. Dixie … what a good looking dog … how about a date? Danny the Dog

  5. Dixie is at summer camp. Having a great time, but still homesick! Sweet thing!

    • Summer camp is right! We are going to get her a pool today! It is going to warm up here in the desert! lol

  6. Beautiful Dixie. Hope she adjusts well to her new surroundings.

    • She is doing great! She has such a kick back personality she fits right in!

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