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Road Trip: A Comedy of Errors, Part 6

I can’t believe I have written 5 parts of this trip report and we have not even gotten through Nebraska yet! I hoped the rest of the trip went better than the first.



We got an early start the next morning and as David loaded the horses Bruiser let out one of the biggest farts I have ever heard in my life. I guess he had not been feeling well but the fart told us he was feeling better.  I laughed out loud. I have never heard a fart that loud and that long but I was glad the horse was feeling better.

The Rockies in the distance

The Rockies in the distance

We had about 630 miles to go that day.  Just before we headed into the Colorado Rockies we got off to get gas and use the bathroom. As we pulled off the freeway David noticed the trailer brakes were feeling funny. I have never hauled anything as heavy as the really long trailer and a couple of horses. It takes quite a while to stop. I had no idea, it scared me a little. As I went in to use the bathroom he checked things out.  When I came out he had the cord that connected the trailer to the truck apart. Somehow it got lose and drug on the ground it had almost worn it all the way through. Had we gone ahead we would have surly lost our brakes. It was nothing that could not be fixed but there were six different wires that needed to be stripped and put back together. He could not find his knife but found some scissors. It took longer but we were both glad we found it before we hit the hills. An hour later we were on our way.

The drive through the Rockies was beautiful and with nothing more than a little stress coming down hill we made it with no other problems.  It was a little scary when we came to the runaway truck ramp and for the first time in my life we saw truck that had used it not long before we got there. It had run up quite a ways and the truck jackknifed. It looked scary but it did its job and stopped that truck.



We made it to Cedaredge and went to find the horse boarding place. David and the lady who own it hit it off and in no time I thought they had always known each other. We both knew the horses were in good hands and David has a new friend that just happens to be where my other best friend lives. That could come in quite handy the next time I want to go to Colorado. Life is good.

David and Dixie

David and Dixie

We slept in the next morning and David went to take care of the horses and went riding with the lady where he boarded the horses. They all really needed the exercise. When he got back I took the truck and went to my friend’s house and I did a couple of loads of laundry and spent some downtime with my friend. David stayed at the hotel and took a much needed nap. We got a day of much needed rest and went to a BBQ at my friend’s house, Turkey teriyaki burgers, grilled pineapple, with strawberry shortcake for desert.

Driving through the Rockies

Driving through the Rockies

We called it a night early and prepared for the next leg of our journey. The most beautiful part of our trip is yet to come. The mountains are beautiful but home is in the desert. It was predicted to be hot but David’s truck did have air conditioning and I have done a lot of traveling through the desert watching from behind the windshield of my cooled truck. It seemed the worse of the trip was behind us.

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  1. What an adventure! But I would enjoy a trip through those Rockies any time! Awesome! You’re doing a good job of sharing the story! 🙂

    • Thank you it was certainly something to laugh about………now but not then!

  2. The last sentence says it all 😀

  3. Glad you were able to address the break issue before the mountain passes. Those breakaway lanes freak me out.

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