Posted by: notsofancynancy | May 18, 2013

Weekly Photo Challenge: Escape

Somewhere in the near the top of that mountain is the tailings of Copper World Mine.

Somewhere in the near the top of that mountain is the remains of Copper World Mine.

This is what I love to do to escape. This road may not look so bad but it is a four wheel low road. The way is littered with loose rock which can make your tires spin if you are not careful. When you reach the top the parking is limited and you have to be careful not to fall off the tailings. When I complete such a feat I sure feel strong. lol

Half Way Up

Half Way Up, yep that is me!

I think I can, I think I can!

I think I can, I think I can! If you look read hard you will see the blue rock just to the upper left of the truck

The copper in the material causes the oxidation of the material in the rock which in turns makes the rocks blue.

The copper in the material causes the oxidation of the rock which in turns makes the rocks blue.

Once you reach the top the feeling is one of exhilaration as the view is amazing. It is one of my favorite places to escape to.



  1. But you sure do need to know 4×4 to take that ‘road’! Lovely shots.

    • Yes so true. That is why it makes me feel so accomplished. I had the best 4×4 teacher’s anyone can have and it took many trips to feel comfortable. Not every girl can drive where I can but there are a lot of us out here who can!

      • The more the merrier!

  2. Good job getting up there. That looks like it would not only be rough to drive up but also to walk up. Great pictures. Hugs

    • And there is one reason I love 4x4ing. If I couldn’t drive up there I wouldn’t be able to get up there. lol

  3. woohoo… sounds like my kind of ride… I have never tried it but I would be game to learn…Well done.. both the ride to the top and the escape post…

  4. Your escapes are always so much better than mine.

  5. What a ride that would be! This looks like much fun……….BUT….I see all those rocks girl and I’d never make it to the top. I’d be out of the vehicle, picking up rocks and saying….”wait, just one more”. I’m sure the driver would lose patience and just leave me there or I would bog us down with too many rocks and stones and we would have to call for a tow. LOL

    • Nah you would be right beside me because all the good stuff is at the top! Well and in the tailings at the top. I love the blue rock! I actually fell there once. slipped on the loose rock….slipped right out from under my feet, Yikes! Almost broke my wrist but got the rock I wanted! lol

  6. You are quite the adventurer! I love to explore, but I think I’d be “chicken” with this level of exploration. 🙂 Love the copper in the rocks. That is really cool to see. Keep on adventuring…I will enjoy vicariously! 🙂

  7. Not even Aqua rocks would get me climbing that hill in a vehicle, LOL Luckily I can rely on you to take me where ‘no Boomdee has gone before’. HA, a Star Trek inspired message because the adventures you have remind me of the old original episodes where they’d beam down to some crazy planet.

    • Ah hahaha One of the episodes of Star Trek was filmed not far from here. It has rock formations that shoot diagonally to the sky, called Vasquez Rocks….many things filmed there…. very futuristic…… No prob I’ll drive! I have lots of great places to go!

      • oh cool! I’ll have to pay attention to those seems next time. I haven’t seen the latest on yet, waiting for my Trekky friend to have time but I’m itching to go.

  8. This certainly does look like a great escape!

    • Oh it so is! I have to wait until winter or early spring to go. It is too hot out there right now to enjoy it.

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