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Road Trip: A Comedy of Errors, Part 7

Road Trip: A Comedy of Errors, Part 7

The deer in across the street from my friend in Cedaredge

The deer in across the street from my friend in Cedaredge

The last leg of our journey would take us through the mountains through Utah and bit of Arizona, into Nevada and spend the night in the desert oasis known as Las Vegas. We would soon find out how hot that can be.



Living in the desert for so many years you learn the hottest time of the day is right starting after one. By three you are sweltering and by four you may get a break and it will start to cool. But if you are having a heat wave that final cool down may never come. From Delta, Colorado to Victorville, California is about 720 miles. When we hit about St. George, Utah it started to get hot. We tried the air conditioner and although it blew cool air it was in no means cold. The closer we got to Las Vegas, the hotter it was and we were no longer smiling. The only thing that was great was the view out of the window. Colorado, Utah, Arizona, and finally Nevada have some wonderful views. I did not hear anything from David the whole time. I am not sure if he did talk because the windows were down and when background noise is louder than someone talking to me I cannot hear unless you are yelling and then it would be iffy. I would probably nod my head no matter what you said.  I would have to say although the views were amazing this was not my favorite leg of our journey. There is a lot more to this part of the trip but to save some dignity I will leave it out. Let’s just say I do not do hot well!

You can't beat the views from the passenger seat through this area!

You can’t beat the views from the passenger seat through this area!

We got to Las Vegas a bit before the sun went down, the hottest part of the day. Believe me when I say I prayed all the way there that the next day would be cooler. We got the horses boarded and got into the hotel, turned the air conditioner on high, got a bite to eat and went to sleep. I woke up three times that night choking and being sick to my stomach. It was a rough night but by morning I was ready to get home and if the heat was anything like the before I wanted to get an early start, say before the sun came up.

I love this part of the country!

I love this part of the country!

We were up by five, loaded the horses, and were on the road by six and it was cool out. Nice and cool! God listened! We crossed the Mojave Desert with a cool breeze coming in our windows. I was in such a good mood even though David and I were both dog tired. I live about three hours away from Las Vegas and he lives another two hours from me. Although we had a rough time we can look back on this “Road Trip” and laugh! What a comedy of errors!

Until my next road trip, happy trails!

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  1. Oh, what a relief it must have been to see your house approach on the road! Too hot is never fun but you can cope at home – on the road it is not fun. Having a little break before the next road trip? 😉

    • Yes need a break to recoup before I go on another adventure!

  2. Quite the cross-country cross-species adventure. Glad you can laugh about it!

  3. The countryside does look absolutely stunning but, like you, I simply do not do hot! I’m sure I was built for the northern hemisphere but, here I am, in Sunny South Africa, where everyone is so delighted with summer and I can’t wait for winter (which we’re getting into, so one much happier puppy here now)

    • Ah, people wonder why I live in the desert? I live in the high desert and we do have all seasons here and you learn to work around summer. Siesta in the afternoon when it is hot! do your work either late night or early morning. I know how to work this desert (while I sit in my cool house looking out at the hot desert) lol ….Almost time for a siesta! lol

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