Posted by: notsofancynancy | June 1, 2013

Weekly Photo Challenge: The Sign Says

Weekly Photo Challenge: The Sign Says

One of my favorite signs on a dirt road in the middle of nowhere

Across the road

Across the road



  1. what a hoot! What were they thinking?! Maybe we don’t want to know…

    • It is one of the funniest things….driving along not seeing anyone for days and bam! One way and you are not going that way! You kind of look over your shoulder and wonder who is enforcing it! hahaha

      • What a riot! Our favorite sign is on the way to visit my husband’s family. We always gear up for it, just as we round the bend… and … there it is. “Street Road”.
        Soon as it comes into view, we all start yelling “Street Road Park Boulevard Avenue Drive”. The one with the most names for “Street” wins.
        Usually, it’s my husband.

      • Funny! I love it! I saw a No Name Road driving through the rockies. I could not get my camera out quick enough but I got a pict of it! lol

      • You should’ve turned around!

      • Trust me if we had not had the horse trailer, two horses and one dog I would have! lol

      • Yup, definitely too much to turn around!

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