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World War II,chapter 67, No Mail Again

World War II

No Mail Again

Chapter 67

Dad Wrote "Medics, Belguim"

Dad Wrote “Medics, Belguim”

It was snowy in Belgium in January of 1945. It was cold during the day but at night it was making life miserable for these soldiers. There are many pictures taken of them in the snow there. I know they stayed in the Courthouse in Arlon, Belgium at least a couple of nights. Then they housed down in a four story chateau in Gurish. What I don’t know is how long they stayed within the warm protection of that chateau.

4 January, near Arlon, Belgium

My Darling Wife, No mail again today. My good luck didn’t last. Sure wish it would have held now a couple months. But someday it will get here. Then I’ll be in the mood again. I finally got a letter off to Aunt Clara and Uncle George. It wasn’t much but I couldn’t think of much to write. Boy have I been down on my letter writing. This Christmas Holidays (I wonder what they are) sure cut the line I had. I see Bob got a record from home. He has been carrying a Victrola with him for a long time. Now he can throw it away. He only had it to play this one little record. We didn’t have any more. The record is one his folks made. I still haven’t heard from the correspondence school. I wish there was some way I could tell them to jam it. I’m getting tired of waiting for it to come. I’m finding enough to do though. Today I started taking a lining out of one coat and put it in another. I didn’t need to. But the lining came from a German coat and it was kind of rayon or something and I liked that. Well I haven’t gotten it done but am working on it. Then there is the usual things to do. I read some short stories and some long ones. We have our usual coffee and unusual guard. And the old B.S. usually ending up with women. Well we haven’t to [sic] much time to ourselves.  Mississippi and I made some snow Ice Cream today.

Dad Wrote "Tribble, St Jean Fr." (Herbert E. Tribble)

Dad Wrote “Tribble, St Jean Fr.” (Herbert E. Tribble)

I looked at the D-Day roster I have and there is only one man from Mississippi from Dad’s platoon, Herbert E. Tribble.

It was good. I guess you have made it. We have plenty of material to make a lot more so I imagine that will be about the same as coffee. Well honey its [sic] about time I was lying down. I haven’t been in bed for almost a couple hrs. And have to go on guard at 12 so must have my beauty sleep. I love you my Darling. I love you so much. I have the snizzles [sic] so maybe I am catching a cold. Gee honey I better get home soon or I don’t know what I’ll do. No one to greese [sic] my back. I love you my Darling, I love you I love you so much. All my love Darling, Lefty

6 January, near Arlon, Belgium

My Dearest Darling, Hello honey the mail man struck again today. I got two letters from you. One Nov 22 and one Dec 22. Also the letter from the church you sent when you were the sponsor. Well Mommie it didn’t pan out as George wanted but I’ll read the things I was suppose[sic] to and think of you while I’m doing it. Hows [sic] that? Oh yes I read quite a lot once in a while. Along with your letters I got one from Eva and a Christmas card from Mike and Lucille and also one from a cousin in North Platt. And she wrote a letter. Well Lucille did too. She said I was a better man than my Bro even if he was the biggest. It was just after you had written her about Jr. Holey Golly Mommie I would sure like to see one of those days you were explaining in your Nov letter. Man I don’t like this cold. Although I have seen lots worse in little old Nebraska. But little old Nebr furnished a lot more possibilities for a man than this. Sounds like George is at odds with everyone doesn’t it. I hope he makes it. Although I don’t know. I haven’t seen him for a long while and I don’t know her very well. But I’m sure hoping he has the right one. Just to spite the rest if nothing else. Well finally another show came to the place. It was “Take it Big.” Well it was a lot of laughs and I thought good besides. They also had several shorts this time and that is unusual. Sure took ones [sic] mind off a good cold for awhile. Oh yes! I guess that damn shower we took did it. Couldn’t stand the draft. It isn’t to [sic] bad and I have been doing things for it so I’ll get by. I guess Dick was more lucky than you on your birthday. I didn’t send any thing. I didn’t have enough money to send to do any good and couldn’t buy anything. I guess I’ll just have to wish you a happy birthday my Darling and let it go at that. I’ll make it up to you somehow someday honey. Oh yes I got a Christmas card from you yesterday. I guess you sent it just after you received the box I sent. Anyway I got the one with the picture some time ago. Both were very very nice.  Gosh Darling I love you so much. I’ll never be able to fill another page. I love you my Darling.  I wish I could be with you. I love you I love you with all my heart I love you. Oh if I were only there. I love you I love you. All my love Darling, Lefty

It is nearing my mom’s due date. The baby can come anytime now. I can’t imagine what it was like for them. Dad not knowing if their baby has come and Mom not really know if Dad is alive.  What also amazes me about my dad is the whole money situation. When he left to go overseas they had only been married a couple of months. It seems like Dad is sending most of his money to Mom and trusting her do the right thing with it. With all the saving she is doing it was certainly a good plan.

Belgium, Truman "Ben" Howard

Belgium, Truman “Ben” Howard

7 January, near Arlon Belgium

My Darling Wife, Hello honey. Hows [sic] my Darling tonight. I hope ok. Hows [sic] Jr. I’m wondering if I am a papa yet or not. You said something once about being early and I sure thought about that. Well if not it sure won’t be long. I sure wish I was there. This is rough being here and you there like that. Mom’s got me up with curiosity too. Boy I wonder what she could have gotten Jr. Be sure and tell me. Or maybe you have. Say maybe John’s wife won’t have to worry about keep now [I have no idea what he means here]. Since all the men have to register for work. Boy will that make a difference. Maybe they won’t have bombs or shells to get gray headed from. But by God now they have a worry too. And it isn’t half as bad now as when we start coming home from this. Did you tell Mrs Johnson about Jr. I have hinted a little but I don’t think enough to really let her be sure. I’m letting her sweat out a couple more letters just to keep suspense up. Boy will she be excited over that. You said Barbara and Dot were setting around the table. Well I grant you in that case they won’t be getting much done. Especially if there is anything to throw. I’m glad the cookies were good. Boy waite [sic] you won’t get anything done but bake them. Some woman in Idaho has a recipe I’ll have to get. I know she sends Judson some every once in a while and are they good. Of course they aren’t by the time they get here but the ones we got in the states sure were. Eva said in her letter that Ray, a kid I use[d] to run around with and who used to go with her wrote and asked if they couldn’t take up where they left off at. Well he isn’t the one she’s suppose [sic]  to marry but I’ll bet they will be going together again as soon as Ray gets there. He has been in the Pacific over three years now and about time to come home. Is she having man trouble. Well honey I hope Jr. isn’t to [sic] bad. I love you so much Mommie. I love you I love you I wish I were there. I love you. All my love Darling, Lefty

8 January, near Arlon, Belgium

My Darling Wife, Boy was the mail man good to me. Two letters from you one from mom and Lucille and Mike. I also got a letter from Grandma and Grandpa Warta. Well it was a Christmas Card with a letter on it. Sure was nice though. Lucille didn’t have much to say. Said Fred and Rosa sent Ruth $50 for Christmas I wonder how he didn’t that.  Well he should be getting a little. They are getting as much as we are and look he hasn’t been in a year yet. Well I’m satisfied. I have a much better deal than he. At least I think so. I guess Mike had the Barber’s itch. Otherwise I guess everyone and everything is ok. If this seems all balled up don’t blame me. The Medicis here and he is a screwball. He gets a lot of laughs. At least we have been laughing at him. He told a good one a while ago. Well now he left so maybe I can get down to business.

Dad Wrote "Herbie the Medic"

Dad Wrote “Herbie the Medic”

(Is this Herbie the medic? Insert picture Herman Poppe or Herbert Morgan?)

I’m glad you liked the letter I wrote about the time we were here. I ran out of material and can’t think of more stories like those. Well I can think of a lot of them but the best ones involve the wrong people and I have to look out for my social standing. So you got the Christmas cards. You know those must have came right though. I thought you would be getting them about the time Junior was born. If I didn’t intend on that they would have taken months. I’m glad they came though. Sounds like quite a problem of putting our things away. I didn’t realize we had so much. I guess Jr has most of it though. He should after all you sure have been working for him. I sure enjoyed Mom’s letter too. Man I thought she was mad at me or something. It must have been 5 weeks since I had heard from her. I guess she has been awful busy though. I love you my Darling. I love you so much. Gee honey I love you. I love you Darling. I sure wish I were home I’d show you what cold feet are. I love you honey I love you All my love Darling, Lefty

My dad must have been worried not hearing from Grandma Susie for five weeks. Susie was always such a chatterbox and she always told it like it was. She had Dad worried I am sure.

9 January, near Arlon Belgium

My Darling Wife, Hi my Darling. Here we have monkeyed around and its [sic] 9:30 and I’m just starting. We went to a show and came home and then popped some corn. And then spread the manure around a bit and now I’m writing. I didn’t get a letter today but got your box. The one with the stamped envelopes. It was sure nice. The candy was all stuck up. But I’m sure getting it eaten anyway. Bob just tried some and commented on it. Said it was sure good. The show tonight was “Dough Girls” and was it a mess. Last night we saw “When my Heart was Young and Gay.” And between the two I think I have changed my idea of shows. Of course any show we can get here we should appreciate cause they are sometimes few and far between. And damn lucky to see any. Sunday night we saw “Two Girls and a Sailor” and it was darn good. Well if they have another tomorrow all will go that can because there isn’t anything else to do-But of course waite [sic] to come home. Yes Pa [I am not sure who this is] thinks the candy is good. His bed is double decked over me and he is more than eating. Has one hand going one coming and for five minutes I’ve been wondering whether he is going to stop to chew. N.C. [North Carolina] was sure a warm place huh! Compared to this I sure don’t think so. Say I’m wondering how Deloris likes D.C. now. The paper says it has been awful cold. Man that has nothing on this either. We have enough of both cold and snow. In your letter you said only 4 weeks until Junior comes. Now only 4 or 5 or am I wrong. Has he supprised [sic] you and come. Boy I wish it was so I could be called or be there. Man this is awful. Now knowing whether you’re a Papa or not. Well my Darling its [sic] almost time for lights out And I must end this. I love you my Darling. I love you so much. I love you honey.. I love you I love you Gee sweet I hope you are ok. I love you. All my love Darling, Lefty

This is breaking my heart. How lonely and helpless Dad must have felt. You can feel it in his words. Once again I wonder how long before he gets the news.

10 January, Near Arlon Belgium

My Darling, Boy honey some late mail came today. I got one from you Mom and Dad all of the 30th of Dec and one from Bob for the 29th. Gee I hope they keep coming. Well my worries about Fred weren’t in vain. The letter from Bob said he was in the hospital. Didn’t say what was the matter or anything about it. But I guess he is. Oh yes while I’m about it a kid I used to run around with has been awarded the Silver Star for something or other he did.  Had quite a write up in the paper. He is the kid who wanted to come back and go with Eva again. Well maybe she will go for a Hero. He is in the Pacific. Sure had some good fruitcake awhile ago. One of the fellows got it. It sure tasted good for the big trip it took. Dad was sure tickled about the box you sent him. Also about the letter. He said it wasn’t as good as if he had done the job. He said he wished he was here to help me drink some coffee. Man I’m sure glad he isn’t. I wouldn’t wish that on any man or beast. Holey Crist I wish I were out of here. Bob has been in the corn field. I guess the corn isn’t doing so good. He said about 35 or 40 bushels to one acre and from home that isn’t good. Norma told about Christmas and not much more so that’s that. I don’t think Uncle Gerald will be in the hospital long. Well they keep one there so long even if you think you should be out you’ll be there at least a couple months. I sure hope they don’t have to spend three Christmas’s out like that. Man if I do you just as well look for another husband. I’ll be to [sic] far gone. Someone got a letter from his wife today. She was telling how she has to tell a couple of 4F’s off. They wanted her to go out and she wouldn’t. Well she told then [sic] that if she thought if he was good enough to be over here fighting she should be good enough to not run around. They said your [sic] sure dumb and then she did get mad. Well I’d hate to be the 4F’s if the kid gets home cause they’ll be in hot water and with him nothing counts. The more I think about things like that the madder I get. People are killed for a lot less than that. Yes a hell of a lot less. I love you honey. Gee my Darling I hope Jr comes through ok. Boy it sure is getting that time isn’t it. I love you honey. I love you so much I love you I love you Happy Birthday My Darling. I love you. All my love Darling, Lefty

According to 4F means that they were unfit to serve. This was something mental or physical. The ironic thing is Dad was both color blind and walked with a limp due to an infection he got from a blister incurred when they did not have the money to buy socks. I have always wondered how he got around that. I am not sure if back then he knew he was color blind but that limp and the scar on his leg was something that he could not have hidden.

When is that baby coming and how long will it take for Dad to get the news? The suspense is killing me.

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Robert “Bob” Winter, Herbert Tribble, Herman Poppe or Herbert Morgan, Judson Haviland,


  1. I hope one day you can put these letters into a book. I would buy it. I like the braveness of the soldier. Always ensuring family knew he was okay and not to worry. My Grandfather told me when I left for war. Send good news home only. Grandma will worry enough. Thank you for sharing the letter. They are precious.

    • Thank you so much for your kind words. The thing that amazes me the most about the letters is just reading the letters he does not let on what is going on around him. I understand that they could not talk about it but interesting he rarely shows signs of the war in his letters. I hope someday it will be a book what better way to honor these soldiers.

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  3. What treasures those letters are!

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