Posted by: notsofancynancy | June 21, 2013

Headbandz, The Game

Oli! Love this picture!

Oli! Love this picture!

My daughter and three grandkids are using our motorhome and are up in the mountains 20 minutes from here. You gotta love California for the fact I live in the desert and can be up in the mountains in 15 minutes and their campground in 20. My daughter has been talking about this new game called Headbandz. I like to keep games in the motorhome so I bought one and added it to other great group games, like our favorite Apples to Apples. Since we love Apples to Apples so much I had my doubts but Headbandz turned out to be hilarious.

Gabriel is a Gas station

Gabriel is a Gas station

So the way the game works is everyone gets a headband where you insert a card. The tallest goes first.

Adrian is a cup!

Adrian is a cup!

Adrian goes first and he has to ask questions. “Am I am person?” Am I a place” etc.” The others players can only answer Yes, No, Maybe, and Could be.

Does this mean she is not a restaurant?

Does this mean she is not a restaurant?

The first player to guess three cards wins. But when my carrot top grandson got this card I could just not stop laughing. . .In fact I laugh every time I see this picture!

What are the odds the second card the red head gets is carrot and the card is on top of his head! I'm just saying! That is funny!

What are the odds the second card the red head gets is carrot and the card is on top of his head! I’m just saying! Carrot top? That is funny!


  1. Oh, you are a cruel granny 😀

    • They would out me if they had a blog! hahahaha I did post them on Facebook and tagged him so his friends could see! Yep I am one of THOSE grandma’s!

  2. Love family games–looks like fun.

    • It really was fun and I certainly recommend it for a good laugh!

  3. LOL, we use to play this game out at the lake like 20 years ago. The adults would get ‘over-served’ and then laugh like crazy. It’s always funny when someone gets one that reminds you of them, like ‘carrot’ there. Once this chick that no one had really warmed up to got ‘donkey’….hehe. We all laughed just a little too loud. 😉

    • It can certainly be fun! Even without being over-served! lol

  4. LOL… You know there’s an app for that now, yes? A bazillion topics, items and questions.

    • I have seen Ellen play some type of this….. always funny. I am thinking of an ongoing game and if you don’t guess it you have to go to say the mall and ask people there! There are endless hilarious possibilities!

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