Posted by: notsofancynancy | July 8, 2013

Weekly Photo Challenge: Nostalgic

4th of July 1958

4th of July 1958

Although this photo does not say it was the 4th of July I know it is because that was the one time a year that Dad would get the ice cream maker out. That is me, the baby and that is how I know what year it is. Dad loved the homemade ice cream as did we all but it was even more special Dad made it himself! I am not sure who the girl on the left is but I am sitting on my oldest sister’s lap as my second oldest sister moves in to make sure she is in the picture. I never go through the 4th without thinking about Dad making that wonderful vanilla ice cream. It was a wonderful treat on a super hot day.



  1. Do you make the ice cream yourself now?

    • Yes we do make ice cream once in a while. We have two ice cream makers, but nowadays the Ice cream makers are automatic, you don’t have to turn them by hand. Not as fun as seeing Dad turn it!

  2. What a wonderful, wonderful photo and memories!

    • They are treasured. I can even tell you the color of the ice cream maker was a light yellow The grass was very green and probably freshly mowed, always well tended. The Chinese Elm provided shade on the hot July days.. We used that thing forever there was really not anything that could break on it!

      Good to see you back the last few days my friend. I missed you!

  3. Nice to see your pops out of his military uniform and enjoying life!

    • This is the man I knew Will. Only when I started this project did I realize what it meant when was a soldier in the War. I have a new found respect both him and my mom! thanks goodness I took this journey!

  4. Oh you brought me back in time, Nancy. The men all took turns on the ice cream crank ~ there was never such good ice cream as there was on the 4th of July in Nimrod, Minnesota at Grandma and Grampa’ house…

    • You must have had the same recipe as us because ours was the best ever! hahaha what great memories, eh?

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