Posted by: notsofancynancy | July 9, 2013

Weekly Photo Challenge: Nostalgic

 My mother and her dad about about 1927??

My mother and her dad about about 1927??


I would love to know the story about this picture. I would assume it was taken in Kansas but I could be wrong. Mom was born in 1923 and she looks to be about 4-5 years old so that is what I based the date on. I could be off a couple of years. Anyone have any ideas?



  1. No idea from this side but what a wonderful nostalgic photo

    • I know, right? It is one of my favorites. Looking at it blown up it looks as though there may be more than one plane lined up there.

  2. Hi there – just the little stranger who’s not been around much. Sorry! But at least I get to enjoy your posts from my smart phone.
    I love this pic – and his hat! These old photos are such treasures.

    • Thanks Susan good to hear you are still kicking… lol I for one am glad you have one of fancy gadgets!

  3. Did your family ever live near El Dorado, Kansas? The Derby Oil Company began in 1920 per the internet. The one refinery they built is in El Dorado, Kansas and it has been demolished.

    • It is 86 miles from Brookville to El Dorado so it is doable! A long trip back then but doable! See why I need you around? You are awesome Mustang Koji!

      • My random guess is that plane was manufactured by Fairchild. It may have been used as a geological survey/photography platform. This photo would put your guess of 1927 into the ballpark. Note: All planes had variants…sort of like the trucks your dad drove. I’m pretty confident its a Fairchild.

      • Very cool Mustang Koji! Can you see it looks as though there are more than one plane there. I must have been a special event.

  4. Great picture – I love the plane, how exciting for that time when air travel was just beginning.

    • I love it too! Even if it got damaged it is still a part of history.

  5. Bingo.

    • Yep that is it! Wow! you are so good at this Koji once again feel blessed by your friendship!

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