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World War II, chapter 73, The Really Big Letter

World War II

The Really Big Letter

Chapter 73

Courtesy of The Cain Family

Courtesy of The Cain Family

Dad and his division are still in Buzz-Bomb Alley. As I discussed in an earlier chapter the buzz bomb was a remote controlled bomb with wings. The bombs were best known for the sound they made, however, soldiers found that the bombs were highly inaccurate in finding their targets. What would happen was they would get to their end of their remote range and they would crash once that range was reached. The soldiers never knew what to expect from these flying bombs.

I found this great old news clip about the Buzz-Bomb and its history. The clip is about seven minutes long but you are able to hear exactly what our soldiers heard and what they were up against. It had to be scary to know how inaccurate they were and to not know where they would hit or when.

18 February, Buzz-Bomb Alley, Stahe, Germany

My Darling Wife & Daughter, Well honey this is a little earlier than the last time. It’s just a little after nine now. Gee got a letter dated the 10 today. Sure is good to get some early mail again. Also got a letter from Ruth. She said for me to thank Mom for writing Dad while you were sick. Guess she broke her hand. Couldn’t write mom herself. I was only kidding she didn’t brake  [sic] anything. Guess the girls & Fred are doing ok. Said Fred was about out again. Kinda hate to see that. He is better off then] where he’ll be. You know Bob has been on working where that lunch Cloth and Napkin went. Guess Madeline bought them some time ago and didn’t send them. Every once in a while he asks about it. Mommie remember the stripes you asked me about. They are overseas stripes. You get one every 6 months overseas. You know I was in hopes Mary would look like you. Couldn’t wish a face like mine on anyone. But don’t go saying she has all your bad faults. Guess I have some too. To [sic] damn many. And [I] am afraid [I] am going to have more before this war is over. I have been wanting to say. Be sure and tell me as soon as you hear from Mary’s allotment. Or any dope you have on it. I’m sure anxious to know as soon as it comes. Boy am I interested in that school course. I have been reading in all the spare time I find. I didn’t know all the things one could learn from a book like that. I have almost finished lesson one. Have a lot more reading to do, but as for the lesson it was fairly easy. Of course some of them won’t [unreadable] that way. I’ll send some more pictures tonight. This makes 12 altogether I have sent. Only have 4 more now. But have ordered lots more. They haven’t come yet. Well Mommie I hope our offspring isn’t causing you to [sic] much trouble. If so wrap her up and send her over here. I’ll do my best of taking care of her and then send her back. Its [sic] almost time for the lights to go out so I better stop. I love you so much my Darling. Gee honey I love you lots. If I were home I could prove it. I love you Darling, I love you both. All my love Darling, Lefty

23 February 1945 was my parent’s first wedding anniversary. Dad was spending it in Germany and Mom in Pasadena, California with their first born. You can tell how bad Dad wishes he could be home. I wish he could have been home too after all Dad still has not even seen his firstborn yet.

Marvin Cain, Shirley Wood, William Price

Marvin Cain, Shirley Wood, William Price

24 February, Buzz-Bomb Alley, Stahe, Germany

My Darling Wife & Daughter, Hello my Darling. Gee here its [sic] been five days since I have written you. But first let me wish you a happy Anniversary.  Oh yes I know it was yesterday but I just couldn’t write. Wasn’t where I could. But did do a little celebrating even [though] you weren’t there. Just in a little town down in France. We had passes until eleven and four of us drank a few beers and some Cognac. No one ever got to feeling good though. You see we had been drinking all day and were damn tired and besides that those truck and rough roads really beat one up. We had a fair trip though and not much trouble. It was fun to get away from it all for awhile. I was going to get something to send you but we never did get to a town where the stores were open. Guess I could have gotten a card but none were any good. I got your Valentine today. It was sure nice even if it were late I kinda like that homey feeling you get from it. I also got two packages from Lucille and a letter from Rosa. Guess they haven’t heard from me for a long time. Wonder why unless my wife has been getting all the letters I have been writing.  Well I haven’t written to [sic] many others and I guess I have neglected them. Have to get on the ball. Huh! Rosa wishes us luck with Mary Lynn. They should be writing and telling you those things. What am I doing toward the rearing of our daughter? About all I do is hope I get home before she has grown up. Dad says he has twins. One in Lexington and one in Cali. Oh say have to tell you a good one. On the way I got a couple quarts of Champagne. Well when I got ready to get out of the truck to go in to the place we slept. I had a little bedroll and one quart wrapped in it. The damn thing slipped out and feel on my toe. Broke the toe and bottle both. So I just left the other in the truck and brought it home to Bob. We all had a sip of it. You know I’m so overflowing with news I just can’t finish one thing until I start another. I also get three letters from you. And boy did I ever over read them I love the part about Mary pulling her ear. In Lucille’s packages was a whole can of pop corn. It was a big one too. Boy am I going to have some as soon as I get rested and caught up on some work around here. In the other was two undershirts I told about some time ago. Also a box of raisins and two cans of soup, some soap and some candy. Yours by far were the best though. Thought maybe there would be some pictures but I guess you haven’t gotten them completed as yet. Sure hope they get here soon. Say Mommie the lights just went out and I have to go on guard so if you don’t mind I’m going to have to postpone this for a couple hours. Then I’ll see what I can cook up. Well I am back again. I have a couple of candles going and am now trying to think of something to write. Have I told you the race we have with the M.P’s.  Well we were coming home one day and I guess driving a little too fast. Anyway they wanted us to stop and couldn’t get around the trucks. Well it finally ended up here and they had fired 5 times at us on the way. We heard them shooting but thought it was some Jiggs. There was plenty of them around and they are usually shooting anyway.  Nothing was done about it I guess. Chuck explained the situation and it all helped. Of course they didn’t shoot to hit us just to stop us. Say I saw just the thing you need to get you up when the alarm goes off. I think it was in the funnies. A big spring attached to it so the bed will upset and then look where you would be. Remind me I’ll fix it up when I get home. You can come over and wash my hair. Its [sic] only been five days or it gets so thick with oil I can’t do anything with it. Then I have a slight touch of dandruff too. And it always does it good to wash that old stuff out. Honey the night is almost gone and before it clear passes I have 2 more hrs on guard to stand. I’m awful tired so I’ll just have to quit with this. What do you think of my new stationary? Good Huh? I love you my Darling. I love you so much. I hope you had a good anniversary and get my letter soon. I did send some money and hope you like that. All my love Darling, Lefty

Dad not writing for five days is a big deal, but five days of not washing his hair is a clue to them not being in a camp and having been out on a convoy. This is one of the longest periods he went without writing her since they got engaged in July of 1943. It seems he always found the time whether it was while he was sitting in the cab of the truck while on convoy or at night before the lights went out. It really makes me wonder why.

Really Big Letter 21x15 inches

The Really Big Letter 21 x 18 inches

That last letter is a really big and I wonder where Dad got such a big sheet of paper. I am not sure why it is so big but it is fun, even if it was hard to transcribe.

26 February, Buzz-Bomb Alley, Stahe, Germany

My Darling Wife & Daughter, Here’s that man? Again. Boy did I do some sleeping after I got to bed this morning. Sure was tired. But I expected that. I told you all about the trip I could. Hows [sic] Mary? Got a letter from you written the 13th and it sounded like the colic was getting you and her both. Sure hope she gets over it soon and you both get some rest. I know about how that colic is from the experience I’ve had from nieces and nephews and they had lots of it. But I do wish I were home to help you. In one of your letters you asked where and why I slept in a court room. Well it was while we were visiting Arlon, Belgium. We slept there over night and had breakfast there the next morning. Just another place we had to sleep. But at that time was a lot warmer than outside. So you see it was a necessity instead of being in any trouble or anything. Oh I got a Christmas card from the church today. It was signed by Nita Boggs. I don’t know her but the card was nice and had a swell verse in it. Also I got another letter from it. I’m going to have to answer one someday. Lets see I had plenty to tell you when I started this now let me see what was it. I love you and my daughter very much. I’m sure glad Gerald got home. Now if Dick gets back with him maybe Grandma will come along. Now if the operation is a success everything will be swell won’t it. Now I know about the pictures. I sure hope you get some sent soon. Sure would like to have some. You know about 5 days ago you wrote she had received presents from 22 and since gotten about 22 more huh! Now what are you doing with all of those? I sure would like to see all of those? I sure would like to see the arrangement of the house now. Bet the sides are bulging. You know I have to get up at 4 in the morning. So perhaps I should kinda finish this and get it off to you. Boy honey I sure do like to write you but you know there just isn’t anything to say. The toe I told you about is getting on ok so don’t think anything about it. Should have had better sense in the first place. I love you so much my Darlings. I guess if it weren’t for you this war would be about over as far as I’m concerned. I’m about fed up with the whole of it. I love you honey. I love you I love you. All my love, Lefty

The Arlon Courthouse 1944-45

Dad Wrote “This is the court house I slept in in Arlon Belgium”

27 February, Buzz-Bomb Alley, Stahe, Germany

My Darling Wife & Daughter, Hello honey hows [sic] the daughter tonight. Sure hope you are getting some of my mail. I haven’t been writing to [sic] much lately. Have been gone and busy and not able to get it done. I didn’t write last night. Yesterday I went to Brussels, Belgium on a pass. You know that’s quite a place. Bob and I went together. Of course we didn’t see half the town. We had quite a time though. When I come home I will tell you all about it. I got a letter from you, Mom and Rose today. The best part of it was they were from the 15th. Late mail around here is good anytime. I wish I could have heard Mary when you had her at the Drs. Mommie I guess I wish more than ever this was over so I could get home to you two. I love you both so much. The weather has been damp here for over 6 months. I sure wish it would dry up so I could leave my overshoes at home once in a while. Rose says everyone is ok. I guess they have scarlet fever now. Norma told that in a later letter. Boy I still haven’t written them. And I’m having a hard time getting this written to you. Hope you have been writing them. I don’t blame you if you haven’t. I probably have more time than you. Guess no one makes a difference to me except you. From what Mom and you say Mary Lynn must have inherited your looks. She couldn’t be that good looking and have anything like me about her. I’m sure glad she is that way though. Gee I’m so proud of you both. I have been reading some more in the books from the school. Boy the more I read the better I like it. I think its [sic] going to be interesting. I sure like it. I love you so much going to have a lot to do honey. We’re going to have a lot to do when we get together.  I love you so much sweet. Guess you know that by now but I sure like to tell you. I love you so much I love you I love you Mommie. All my love Darling, Lefty Take good care of Mary.

I am curious as to what is going on around Dad right now. I wish he could tell us but the bit he did was interesting.  It sounds like the whole convoy was driving too fast when those MP’s shot at them. But it is interesting that they did not stop when they were shot at. Are these men getting so used to being shot at that they did not notice? My dad and his division have been overseas for eight months now and that is a long time to be cold, wet, and have someone trying to kill you. I wonder how much longer Dad will have to stay and how old will my sister be when he finally gets home? I mean theoretically the war ends on 9 May 1945 and that is not so far in Dad’s future.

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Robert “Bob” Winter, Charles “Chuck” Lance, Raymond Linden, Judson Haviland, Marvin Cain, Shirley Wood, William Price



  1. good one!!!!

  2. I agree, there may be more to the MP story. Maybe your dad and his crew received some type of punishment for their escapade. They probably wouldn’t have talked about it.

    • No I am sure whatever happened it will remain a mystery!

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