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World War II, chapter 74, Forward Ho!

World War II

Forward Ho!

Forward Ho!

Forward Ho!

Chapter 74

It looks like the Quartermaster is on the move once again only this time they are moving around Germany. The 4 March letter is written in a forest green color on regular lined paper. Dad mentions the pen he is using is German but I wonder what the story is of how the pen was acquired.

1 March 1945 Quartermaster moved to Huchelhoven, Germany

2 March 1945 Quartermaster moved to Bruggen, Germany

4 March 1945 Quartermaster moved to Straelan, Germany

4 March, Straelan, Germany

My Darling Wife & Daughter, Hello honey have you ever been the neglected wife for the past two weeks. I think I have missed writing 11 days in that time. Boy have I been traveling though. Details were coming hard and fast. And I just haven’t been around to write. What do you think of this ink. Its [sic] German. So is the pen I’m writing with. It isn’t worth a tinkers damn though. Gosh honey I got the pictures you sent. Sure aren’t bad either. Mary sure looked small. But just give her time. She is probably grown up now. I sure liked them anyway. Boy in that one you didn’t look so darn small yourself. Guess I’m the runt of the family. I read your letters in an awful hurry last night. Sure was tired and had to get up early this morning. It was late when I got in. Then had to talk over what happened and that took awhile. Guess I should have written but man was I played out. It sure is chilly out tonight of course it isn’t cold but one can sure be uncomfortable outside kinda rains once in a while too. You aren’t kidding. I sure feel an old man. Even if you have only been married a year. Boy it seems 20 to me. Guess that’s because I haven’t been around for some time. Be sure and let me know what happened about the allotment for Mary Lynn. I kind of let you down on that. I should have had those papers filled out and sent to you. I’m just not on the ball I guess. Gee honey I’m having a hard time writing tonight. Here it is almost 10 and I haven’t even started. I was sure I could at least get a dozen pages after not writing for 4 days. I have to go on guard again at 12:45 so I must get to sleep. I’ll try to be in the mood tomorrow night. Sure hope Mary is over the colic by now. Of course it isn’t really time though. She has at least 6 months to go yet. I love you my darling. I love you so much. Gee honey I’m sure in the mood for seeing Mary now. Boy she looks good to me. Darling I love you so much. Bob had some pictures and I talked him out of one for you. It isn’t so good huh. I love you so much Honey I love you. All my love Darlings, Lefty

I have no idea what pictures he is talking about. It seems as though most of the pictures of my sister when she was real small are missing or I just did not find them yet. I did find of few of her and Mom though.

Vi and Mary Lynn

Vi and Mary Lynn

5 March, Straelan, Germany

My Darling Wife & Daughter, Well honey here is two nights in a row I’ve gotten to write you. Boy am I getting good now. Had a terrific headache though and had to go to sleep and am only about half here now so don’t mind what happens. Hows [sic] my baby tonight. I have been neglected by the mail man the last couple days. Sure hope she is getting over the stomach ache. Boy that’s sure rough to have. Boy I just looked over the letters I have to answer and I guess I have to get on the ball. I know what I’m going to do though. I have one of those small tablets and I’m going to answer on it.  Won’t take so much writing. You’re the only one I enjoy writing to. And sometimes have a hard time getting anything said to you. Boy Mary is sure getting the things. Man I guess you are going to have the writing. In every letter she has gotten to [sic] or three more presents and I thought she had a house full. I don’t know about her. Here I am stumped again. Can’t think of a damn thing to write. Have been reading some of your letters and about all I want to do then is read them again so I can read what you said about Mary and where you loved me and then that’s all I get done Sure hope I get some new ones soon cause I’ve about gotten these read enough. Dad said some time ago he had some pictures taken off the one I sent. Guess he thought I neglected you. Huh! Oh no I couldn’t do that. He better worry about himself getting neglected. He is one I have to write to and darn soon too. Say I had to laugh when you asked about the rubber pants. I imagine they do have. They have about everything we can’t get there.  But wouldn’t it look kinda silly for a GI to go up and make with the sign language for a pair of them. What signs would you use? Its [sic] to [sic] late now Mommie. I don’t imagine we’ll be able to buy anything for a while. I’ll bet Mary Lynn is changing honey. Sure wish I were home to see you. Boy seems like 90 years since I’ve seen you. And just think I haven’t seen Mary. I love you my Darling. I love you sweetheart. I love you so much. I love you I love you honey. All my love Darlings, Lefty

That is the hardest thing for me to read. How he did not get to see my sister for many months after she was born just breaks my heart.

Harvey Bennett

Harvey Bennett Courtesy of the Cain Family

6 March, Straelan, Germany

My Darling Wife and Daughter, Gee here it comes again. I’m able to write but here is the catch. The lights are about to go out and I’m going to have to rush. I got our anniversary card today honey. Sure was nice. And I kinda like the verse. But as usual the note you wrote was best. And the letter much better. Yes honey I think we had a wonderful time the two months we had together and at least the other 10 we have had our thoughts and one another to waite [sic] for. Hard yes. But worth it. And I know we will be so much happier when we do get together. I love you so much my Darling. Sounds like Mary has really grown up. Talking or [unreadable] and laughing. Didn’t know they did anything like that so young. She sure is gaining huh! Got a letter from Bob. Guess they are moving. I thought they had that place for awhile but guess the boss didn’t like him so well. Of course he didn’t say that. But I can think can’t I. I answered some letters tonight. I laid them all out and the ones I had most from I answered. So I could have more room for the rest. Sure am a long ways behind yet. If I keep on in a couple of months I’ll have it done. I’ve been trying to make a bracelet. Have some German coins and am putting them together. As yet haven’t had much luck. I once had some English coins that way but lost them. I love you so much my Darling. Gee honey I don’t know what I would do without you. Now both of you. The more I look at yours & Mary’s picture the more I realize she is mine. I love you honey. I love you so much. I love you I love you I love you. All my love Darlings, Lefty

This next letter was in the 8 March letter from Dad. It seems Bob Winter wrote another letter to my mother. How fun is this?

7 March, Straelan, Germany

My Darling Wife & Daughter, In behalf of Papa I will write to you tonight for him. He’s so busy laying on the bed studying his carpenter lesson that I’ll write for him. How is my happy little family today. The little miss is growing I hope. Don’t let her stay out to [sic] late at night. 6:30 is late enough. Now I’ll come back to Bob again. Got a letter I mean four letters from Madeline today. She said she has a letter from you. She is fine and busy. Oh how I’d like to see her. Lefty is making me & him some coffee now. So we’ll have a cup before we go to bed. We sleep side by side on our little cots. Give my regards to Pop & Mom. Tell Pop to put an extra rivet in them tubs cause we may have to ride one home and we sure want her to get there. Today we have been busy. Always something to do. Well I’ll let Pa write a bit now. Maybe I’ll let him. I don’t know. Hope you are all fine Vi. Love always Bob

Letter written by Robert Winter

Letter written by Robert Winter

8 March, Straelan, Germany

Bob wrote for me last night so here it comes too.

My Darling Wife & Daughter Didn’t write last night. Only this time I haven’t an excuse. Didn’t get any mail from you and there sure wasn’t a darn thing to write about. Didn’t do anything. Not much today either. Got a letter from Lucille. She didn’t have much to say. Said Mike was buying cattle and about ready to start buying hogs. Says he would have a summer job doing that. The last year I helped buy we got over 1000 head and I imagine he’ll get the same the same this year. Said she would sure like to see Mary Lynn. Well so would I. Just to show you what a mood I’m in for writing I have all the pictures I have of you here to inspire me. This mail situation is sure rough. Can’t depend on it at all anymore. Perhaps we have better days coming. Sure had some good popcorn tonight. Got Bob on the ball and he popped some. Then we tried to make some caramel corn and that didn’t work so quit. Had a couple of buckets anyway. You know the more I look at the picture of you and Mary the more I love it. Gee honey I’d like it anyway but its [sic] hard getting use [sic] to being a Papa this far away.  Guess it isn’t the right floor to walk. I love you so much my Darling. I feel as you said. Don’t know what I’ll do without you now. Boy the whole world just seems to be wrapped around you now. Every time I do something I wonder what you would say. Or if you would like it. Guess that’s what its [sic] suppose [sic] to be huh? I love you my Darling. I love you so much honey. And Mary is sure taking her place with me too. Just think honey. Someday the three of us can be together and perhaps then can make up what we lost. Or at least not lose any more. I love you Darling I love you so much honey. All my love Darlings, Lefty

9 March, Straelan, Germany

My Darling Wife & Daughter, Two letters from you today honey and one picture. Boy now we’re getting someplace. Sure could see her this time. Its [sic] the one taken when a month old. They make me so homesick but sure like them. Everyone says she is quite a girl. I sure think so too honey. Next picture I think I’ll have to order a new hat. A couple of sizes larger. Sounds like Calif had a cool spell huh! Well something had to cool it off. Bet the snow on the mountains does look pretty nice.  We haven’t had snow for some time now. And I imagine it over with now if the rain only quits. You know Mommie I can just see Mary when she laughs. Of course I don’t know what she really looks like. But I can dream can’t I. Anyway from what you say she must be pretty nice. You said you should write v-mail. Don’t you dare. They are always as late or later than Air Mail and not half so good. And as you say you wouldn’t be able to say much especially how much you love me and that’s what I want to hear. Everytime[sic] I read it its [sic]  like having you say so and I do like that. I’m sure glad Mary’s allotment went through. I think perhaps I’ll have to drop at least $5 on the $30 allotment your [sic] getting. It won’t be just yet and maybe not at all, but if the changes take place I’ll tell you then. Now I’ve gotten your ego up and you want to know why now. Sorry the Censor you know??? Sounds and smells like we are having some more popcorn tonight. Lucille sent me a big can and we are trying it tonight. Bob isn’t here. He transferred to the mechanic section and lives down there. Sure miss having him around. Of course we are together most of the time anyway. But at night he is down there. Only a couple houses down. But it is awful dark. Sure hope Pop’s back is ok. Have been having some back trouble around here. But have been lucky. I’m all in one piece. No we can’t get film. Sure wish you could find some to send. In case you do please send me some film. I have sent some pictures. Have some more to send and I have my own to be developed. Should be back in a month or so. Then I’ll send them Yes Mommie send some candy. Try out that mixes idea. I have a good can opener. Mrs Johnson wanted to know if I wanted the Readers Digest renewed and I said no. Guess I don’t. Have lots of reading material. 12 books left. My schooling. I love you so much my Darling, I love you sweethearts. I love you I love you honey. I love you both so much. All my love Darlings, Lefty

Bob Winter Courtesy of the Winter Family

Bob Winter Courtesy of the Winter Family

What a sad time for Dad having Bob move even if it is a couple of doors down. They have been together since they were in Camp Robinson and that was back in 1941. They spent the evening talking before sleep would come, foraged and prepared food, spent time in fox holes, and wrote their nightly letters to the loves of their lives together. They both must seem a little lost. I know I feel a little sad hearing the news.

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Robert “Bob” Winter, Harvey L. Bennett



  1. It was amazing Bob stepped in to write to you mom! They really must’ve been a pair… Lefty was fortunate!

    And those “lost” pictures will pop up somewhere… Check with your other family members if you haven’t already…

    • All our family pictures went to New Jersey….long story, I have found some but when I was working with them I did not know what I was looking for. I have heard rumors the pictures will be coming back to Cali. I pray!

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