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Weekly Photo Challenge: Creative

Bob and Wards Cabin, Death Valley, CA

Bob and Wards Cabin, Death Valley, CA, Two of my friends on the porch.

Found hidden in a hard to reach place in Death Valley is the very creative Bob and Ward’s Cabin. The cabin is situated in the bottom of a beautiful multi colored canyon and can be accessed by high clearance vehicles. We get there in our 4×4 vehicles but I have seen cars make it there.

Built about 1908 it is the only remaining building left of a talc mining operation which operated in the canyon. Bob and Ward re-discovered the cabin in the late 70’s and found the cabin was one step away from falling down. With the help of friends they renovated the cabin and made it a place many have visited over the years.

It is located down in this canyon

It is located down in this canyon

One can stay at the cabin on a first come first serve basis. It is a written rule that if you use something from the cabin you replace it on your next visit so you can find canned food, bottles of booze, (It amazes me they are there) candles, canned meats, and such. It is always neat and clean, but through the years people have shot up the tin roof so that when you lay on the beds at night it looks as though you can see the night sky. Of course it is not a good thing when it rains which in Death Valley is not often.

Inside are a couple of bunk beds a table and chairs, Kitchen counter with a sink, cupboards, books, and a lot of interesting stuff that others have left behind. There is even a wood stove made out of a huge drum. There is a journal where people log their visits and describe their experience. It is always swept and trash picked up and sometimes even raked.

I have a 4×4 friend who passed away and I can feel his presence when we were here. Him and I found it together and It is awesome to go back and read what he had written in the book fifteen years after his death. As you see from the above picture there are two rocking chairs of the front porch. I have spent many hours sitting on that front pouch contemplating life.

The Cabin is on the left on the right is the remains of the mining operation from 1908

The Cabin is on the left on the right is the remains of the mining operation from 1908

Behind the cabin is an 100 yard audit which would have been used for storage . They also have an outhouse with a window which gives one a great view while doing their “business.”

Memorial to Bob and Ward now deceased

Memorial to Bob and Ward who are now deceased

I have tried to sleep in the house but there is scurrying all night long and it is creepy so I choose to sleep in my truck.

One time my hubby and I spent New Years there. As we sat on the porch and enjoyed the stars there were three kit foxes that came out to try to get us to throw them some food. After turning in for the night all of a sudden I heard voices and they were not speaking English. I got all kinds of scared as I could see their lights on the road leading to the cabin. Were they Russian spies? Serial murder’s? Their voices got louder and louder until they were in the front yard. It was a young couple and their baby from Poland who were here on holiday.  Since our languages differ it was hard to communicate with them but what we did find out is they found about it online somewhere. It was rather rude of them to take over the cabin as we slept in the truck which was camped on what would be considered it’s carport right next to the house. but Death Valley is a large area and the next day we just went further into the empty desert until we found another place we liked.

It is an awesome place and I love to visit when I can. What a neat part of the history of the amazing area called Death Valley.



  1. Wow, Nancy that looks isolated. Does your cell phone work there? Don’t want to see you on the news as someone lost. Could you walk to a town or are you pretty much a goner if your truck breaks down? See, us city folk think of these things, LOL

    • Ah hahaha No where to walk to and about 10 miles to pavement. Before I met my hubby I stayed here alone a couple of times. There are rules for going off road and I never go without someone knowing where I am going and usually don’t go alone. I never go this time of the year, way too hot but perfect for winter camping. It is very isolated, no cell service…. I love it!

  2. They don’t call it Death Valley for nothin’!

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