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Weekly Photo Challenge: Creative

David’s Finished Birdhouse

Many years ago I had a neighbor who lived kitty corner from my house. The back corners of our properties touched. We became close friends and we put ladders in that corner so we could climb over and see each other rather than walk around. David became my best friend and we still remain close even though he moved away in 2007.

Birds and Blooms August/September 2008

We both had gardens but his was always better than mine, (Don’t ever tell him that) We always tried to outdo each other. One year he grew gourds.  He knew although he was the better gardener, I was craftier then him. His whole intention in growing the gourds was to make birdhouses out of them. One day he came over with a gourd and asked if I could paint some flowers on it and turn it into a birdhouse. I had never painted before. I went to the craft store and bought some books, paint, and brushes and proceeded to paint my first gourd.

The Letter

I love the magazine Birds and Blooms and decided I would take pictures of my first art project and send it in as part of one of their featured articles on homemade birdhouses. After all I was pretty amazed that it turned out so good and  I then presented my friends with his finished birdhouse. I of course forgot I sent it in until the day I received a copy of a Birds and Bloom magazine with a note saying they had used my picture and would be featuring it in their magazine. I could not believe it. I was famous, for about a day.

The back of the Birdhouse-Taken in my garden

That’s mine Top Right Corner

I don’t paint much anymore. I am too critical of my work. I have moved on to story telling. I am not as critical of my story telling.


  1. Lucky David and clever you!

  2. I have not seen a gourd birdhouse in a very long time. That was is really pretty, very nice painting. Hugs

    • Thank you! What I love is each one is unique! I have a few left….. am thinking Fairy houses! lol

  3. Very cool! I love the design.

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