Posted by: notsofancynancy | October 1, 2013

Weekly Photo Challenge: Saturated

Pixie is saturated in "Life's an Itch" from Pet Head

Pixie is saturated in “Life’s an Itch” from Pet Head

Which means she got a hair cut!

Embarrassed over the cut

Embarrassed over the cut

Plus Pixie has this message for Danny from Florida….

Danny….this is me Pixie…..I looked Florida up on the computer and it does not look that far. It is only about four paws away from California. Maybe you could meet me half way to teach me how to get out of the humiliation my people put me through each time my hair grows out. Of course my locks are not as beautiful as yours are but I know we will make a good couple and I am excited to see what this boat thing is……OMG She has the eyebrow pencil!…………Pixie

Pixie writing Danny

Pixie writing Danny


  1. Oh, poor Pixie, can you not use hair grips to disguise the fluffy top?!

    • hahaha That is the one part I never cut! From the base of her head to the eyebrows. I love her doo!

      • So do we!

      • Just put eyebrows on her and updated this post with pictures!

  2. Haha that first photo is classic!

    • Classic “Pet Head” advertising, right?

  3. LOL! Wonderful bath time pic… but geez…. She sure looks like the queen on her royal cushion!

    • Ha did you see my re-blog? it is all about putting eyebrows on dog’s so I did Pixie up! Poor dog!

      • This is Danny … I like my females without blue eyebrows … so if you don’t mind!

      • Pixie again. Today those eyebrows have disappeared…. I am afraid how she will paint me next.

  4. Now THAT is what I call saturated!!! LOL, poor baby!

    • Awe she smells so good now… it is watermelon scented! lol

  5. When she’s wet she really is a little pixie! So cute!

  6. Great choice for Saturated! JT had her bath yesterday I think she is still disgusted with me 🙂

    • Ya Pixie is still a little mad, but then every time I look at her I bust out laughing!

      • lol yes I tell JT You are so pretty lol she comes and kisses me like as if to say NO MORE BATHS GOT IT!!!!

      • Danny again … you bust out laughing at my love Pixie … I’m gonna write a “Pixie” story and if you think I denigrate Andrew … just wait!

      • My Hero Danny…. I love how you vow to protect my honor but at least notsofancynancy does not make me wear clothes like my sister. Do you mind a little color in my Mohawk? I like pink the best but I do look good in blue.

  7. So, did you draw eyebrows on her? Is that her in the reblog?

    Your photo challenge is dangerously appealing to me. It seems such a great season to take a daily pic.

    • Yes after seeing the re-blog I got inspired and got out a green eyebrow/lid pencil and added green brows, that is her on the bottom of the re-blog. She is quite the character and has sported many colors of Mohawks in the past.

      I love the Weekly Photo Challenge put on by WordPress. It makes me go through my photos and enjoy them once again as I look for one that matches the challenge. They post a new subject each Friday. You don’t have to post a new one each day but weekly is the whole idea. I like posting new each day.

      • Just took a quick peek. Wow. I had no idea about postaday or any of the wordpress challenges! I’ll definitely be looking at this in more depth. Thanks!

      • You are welcome! They do have some fun challenges. I will be watching to see what you come up with.

  8. Hey Pixie it’s me Danny! You are one hot babe. Why not throw over that desert thing for life on a boat. Don’t worry, I can get rid of Andrew, I only keep him around for laughs anyway. Then it will be just you and me Beautiful.

    • Danny…. Pixie here. I just wonder if you live on this boat thing where do you go to the bathroom? My Mom showed me a picture of one and it looks like you are surrounded by water. I don’t mind the water but I don’t think I can swim and pee at the same time. I do find fish fascinating though.

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