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Weekly Photo Challenge: Infinite

The Road to Copperworld

The Infinite Road to Copper World Mine

This is one of my favorite roads to one of my favorite places. Copper World mine is located in those mountains on the left. Although the road is mostly straight it is a rough ride to get up to that mine. Just to the left of this road is the old haul road.

Look Closely and you can see the Wagon Road

Look Closely and you can see the Wagon Road

Remember a couple days ago we went to 20 Mule Team Days? The wagons that ran through here were similar. I have seen pictures of the actual wagons on this road. They look something like this

The wagons and the water they had to carry to keep the mules hydrated.

The wagons and the water they had to carry to keep the mules hydrated.

You can do this trip in a day but one day or five, more than likely you will probably not meet another person on this road. In fact I have been going up to it since the early 90’s and I have never met anyone on it. It is not an easy road but doable in 4×4.

Oh Dear!

Oh Dear!

It does have a few challenging places but nothing I can’t handle. I am leading so am already through this little hiccup. I can’t imagine how those miners back in the 1800’s got those wagons through on these roads.

Miner's Dugout

Miner’s Dugout

These are the miner’s dugouts back where the smelter was located. It is amazingly cool in them on a hot desert day. Amazingly enough I-15 is located within five miles and parallels this road and is 40 miles from Las Vegas but on this back road you would never know.

The Payoff

The Payoff

Although this looks real neat it is copper oxidation which turns the rock these colors. I am told in a million years it will turn into malachite and azurite. I kind of like it just like this. There is a shaft located right at the bottom of the coloring and you really can’t get close to it. I really love this place and love to go there and contemplate life.


  1. Thank you for showing us this place. As soon as I get a wagon and some horses and a big bottle of water….

    • hahahaha It is a much easier ride in the comfort of your 4×4 truck with air conditioning!

  2. Wasn’t Malachite in the Bible? Just a little geological and Biblical humor.

  3. What a beautiful and remote spot. One of my most prized possessions as a kid was a plastic replica from Borax of their 20-Mule Team complete with water wagon. How cool that this hard-won way of life is now celebrated and you can journey along the same wagon trails as the miners. The colors of the exposed rock are spectacular. No wonder you love this unique place so much.

    • It is so quiet once you get to the mine and the view is amazing. It is like a sacred place. We went to 20 Mule Team Days in Boron last weekend and if you have 4×4 you can drive the actual road the mule teams took. They were selling those model’s of the mule teams at the craft fair. Boron is an interesting little town with a great big history!

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