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68 years ago Today Marvin Cain arrived Home

Marvin Cain served with my father. I found his son and daughter-in-law by placing a note on his “Find a Grave” memorial. My note told who I was and that I was looking for the families of the men Dad served with. Doris got a call one day from someone she did not know telling her about my note. I don’t remember all of the details now but from the moment I talked with Doris on the phone our hearts bonded.

Marvin Cain wrote" High Point Men Leaving the 35th QM Co to go to the 106th Div. to go home June 9 1945" Courtesy of The Cain Family

Marvin Cain wrote” High Point Men Leaving the 35th QM Co to go to the 106th Div. to go home June 9 1945″ Courtesy of The Cain Family

We will be able to remember this moment, when Marvin Cain got to go home!

I am reposting this picture along with a few more of Marvin Cain’s collection. The Cain family has become a valuable source and one of my biggest supports through this journey. They have been gracious enough to share Marvin’s pictures and memories with me. They shared pages of Marvin’s   autograph book with me which is where I got this.

My father's autograph in Marvin Cain's book

My father’s autograph in Marvin Cain’s book

How awesome is it that I have a copy of an autograph my dad did back in 1945.

Marvin Cain's stuff1

Marvin Cain at Camp Robinson, Arkansas

Now here is the part that is ironic. When I posted the first picture today for the daily challenge (above) the Cain’s checked Marvin Cain’s diary they were kind enough to share his words with me.

Oct. 4 landed in the US aboard the USS Mu(a)danaska Victory on the Hudson River near camp Shanks.

Oct. 8 Arrived at Ft. Leavenworth to receive my discharge.

Oct. 15. Received my discharge after 4 years and 11 months.

Oct. 16 arrived in Holdrege about 7 A.M.

Exactly 68 years ago TODAY Marvin Cain arrived in Holdrege, Nebraska, which was home for him. I have chill bumps…..

Marvin Cain, Alexander Weil and Reynold Hanson-Courtsey of The Cain Family

Marvin Cain, Alexander Weil and Reynold Hanson-Courtsey of The Cain Family

My dear Cain family I will never be able to express how much your support in telling our fathers story has meant. You have been my rock and have touched my heart, thank you.

Your QM Sis



  1. Dear QM Sis, You are way too kind. Getting out all of Marvin’s pictures and everything else he kept, has been a bonding experience for us, also. I could of only imagined what these young men went through but through your chapters every week, we have been there and felt just a small part of what they went through. You made us very humble. Thank you for your dedication. How hard it was for you to reread these, so personal, letters and still want to share them with us. From the bottom of our hearts…WE THANK YOU.

    • OMGoodness you made me downright cry! So many emotions on this day. When Roger comes in for the right put on an old 1940 song and celebrate Marvin’s coming home date!

      Love you QM Sis!

  2. How touching and personal but this would have been repeated (for the lucky families) all round the world. What a great thing to celebrate.

    • Yes thankfully! A great thing to celebrate!

  3. I can’t imagine being away from home for so long and enduring all they did. It’s amazing that these days co-inside and to have your dad’s autograph from a day long ago, wow. Congratulations Nancy on being able to make such a special connection with the Cain family.

    • Thank you Boomdee it has been a blessing while on the journey to have their backing. I feel blessed.

  4. I am sorry I missed this wonderful post, notsofancynancy. I cannot imagine how your heart and soul felt when you “met” Marvin Cain’s family… and 68 years ago on the day you posted this touching story. But what really makes this personal is Lefty’s autograph, right at the top… I so wonder what the two may have said or done together – pleasant or not so pleasant…

    • Thanks Mustang Koji!

      Mr. Cain’s family just shared his two photo book with me. There is 192 pages of pictures with at least one up to 8 pictures per page. I am in the process of cropping, tagging, and enhancing the collection. I feel so blessed that I will be able to preserve Mr. Cain’s pictures along with over 500 I already have. I feel really blessed. Mr. Cain was in the same company as Dad was and I have found a couple of pictures with Dad in them. Although Dad and Mr. Cain share some of the same pictures the ones I do not have are picts from the time they were training. I feel some new blog post coming on…………..

      • Go, Nancy, go!

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