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Weekly Photo Challenge: Infinite

Marvin Cain wrote" High Point Men Leaving the 35th QM Co to go to the 106th Div. to go home June 9 1945" Courtesy of The Cain Family

Marvin Cain wrote” High Point Men Leaving the 35th QM Co to go to the 106th Div. to go home June 9 1945″ Courtesy of The Cain Family (Dad did not get to go home with them).

We will be able to remember this moment, when Marvin Cain got to go home, infinity!

I can’t believe it but I will be posting the final chapter of my father’s story tomorrow.  I have mixed emotions about it. I have lived and breathed my father’s letters for the last 86 weeks. I learned things about my parents I never knew and I learned a whole lot about the Quartermaster and their journey from Nebraska in 1941 until the time they came home from Germany in August of 1945. I am going to really miss the journey now that it is over.

I of course wrote an epilogue which will come next week. I hope you will all stop by and see what happened to my parents after the war. It has been 86 weeks solid I have been posting a chapter a week. I never missed one. I am so proud I made it through all of the letters it has been an amazing journey.

I finally decided on the name for it:

“The Suitcase, a daughter’s journey through World War II”

I have added a couple of new pages to my blog menu. On the one at the top of the page you are looking at (if you are actually on my blog page). I have added a copy of the 1945 VE-Day roster which shows the names of the men Dad served with. It makes it easier for visitors to find it there.

Click here for the 1945 Roster

I have also added a Guest Book. If you have some time stop by and sign it leave a few words about the impact of these letters made on you. If you have a relative who served with my dad please let me know. I will continue to honor these men on this blog.

Click here for the Guest Book

If you have a story about a World War II and would like to do a guest post I would be honored to post it here. In fact I would love to hear stories of how this war affected other families. No story is too small, I would be honored.

The next step for me now is getting their story ready to go to a publisher. I am not sure anyone would want to publish it but I have to try. I owe it to the 110th/35th Quartermaster to try to keep their memory alive. After the epilogue is posted I may take some time off to focus on making this a book.  I am already working on it and it is going good. At least I think it is going good, I am hopeful.

So tune in tomorrow to read the last chapter, then get you a glass of something and give a toast to all our servicemen and women. Then take a moment to give a special toast to the 110th/35th Quartermaster.


  1. Something to be very proud of. Good luck to you and congratulations!!

  2. In reflection, there were several interesting similarities and contrasts between your father’s and my father’s WWII experiences. They were both from the Midwest. Both were classified as Truck Drivers. They served in different parts of the world. My dad was part of 115 Ordnance (Medium Mtce.) Company. …Your dad in the 35 Quartermaster Company. My father remarked, “I now my letters make dull reading other than knowing that I’m alive and still kicking.” These letters were much more than that–they were a lifeline home. On another WWII note–my wife brought home from water aerobics class the story of a woman raised in Germany before and during the war. It hasn’t been published and I don’t have permission to blog it. It was extremely interesting–I couldn’t put it down. It told of hardships endured during and after the war. She married a GI after the war and moved to the US.

    • Thank you for your continued support. I thought the letter’s would be dull reading too….then I read them and could not stop. lol I never thought one person would be interested them let alone how many that have been following. Sounds like a very interesting story. I hope you will be able to share it.

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