Posted by: notsofancynancy | October 18, 2013

Caption This

Caption This

Caption This

This is one of the funniest pictures I ever captured but it needs a funny caption. Let me know what you think it should be. This is Roxi LaBow and Pixie LaScruff is there on the left. Me? Yep I am in the bathtub! It makes me laugh out loud!


  1. Hey! I thought that last piece of cake was for me!

  2. The vet?!

  3. “You said there were treats in the bathtub, you tricked me again!”

  4. No I don’t want to get in with you, what you think I am stupid or something.
    It’s a very cute picture.

  5. “HeeEEEeeeEEeeEEEY” How come we weren’t invited?!”

    • hahahaha

      Hey Patrick you ever heard of LiveSiFi .Tv? They are doing a month long live ghost hunt in a house that the Warrens visited. The viewers help by watching their cams for them and reporting activity they find. They are on the east coast for this one so they are all sleeping right now but thought you may be interested. At night there is some crazy stuff going on.

      • Whoa! Didn’t know. Thanks for the link!

      • Thought you might like it! I personally love it! It is addicting! Careful! lol

  6. Geez Mom, you’ve got a tattoo there?

  7. TELL ME TELL ME! I CAN’T SEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. “Wait a minute–there’s water in the tub. You tricked me. I’m still not gonna’ take a bath!”

  9. A little privacy please! I just want to take a bath!

  10. “OK I’m waiting, tell me what you’ve got.”

  11. Did you just make a new bubble Mummy?….BOL!

  12. Uh no thanks, I had a bath yesterday…but Pixie might be interested. Great photo!

  13. funny little sausages. Mine regard my bathtub with deep suspicion!

    • I usually enjoy my bath with the door closed but Pixie kills her brothers bed so I now let them come in and now I laugh at them… they can be really funny.

  14. “I see a boiled human… Let’s chow down.”

    • hahahaha are you back?

      • A week ago Sunday, yes, but with no time to rest, I’m still jet-lagged. Home today due to dizziness…

      • Oh Dear! Well feel better dear friend. I hope your trip was fruitful!

      • Fruitful…like in babies? Lol

      • No silly like you got to do all you intended to!

  15. “get out, get out, you will drown in there!”

    Such a cute photo and so much character in that wee face!

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