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1958 Reunion Brochure

!958 Souvenir Program

1958 Souvenir Program-You can click on the image to enlarge

Page 1

Page 1

By Joe Resch

By Joe Resch

Page 2-3

Page 2-3

Joe Resch, Joe Reznicek, "Pop" Roe Gordon

Joe Resch, Joe Reznicek, “Pop” Roe Gordon

Pages 4-5

Pages 4-5

Brig. Gen. Guy N. Henninger, Lt. Col. W. Bill Atkinson

Brig. Gen. Guy N. Henninger, Lt. Col. W. Bill Atkinson

Page 6-7

Page 6-7

Insert blown up

Insert blown up

Last Page

Last Page

by Marcus L. Poteet

by Marcus L. Poteet


  1. Sadly, my father was invited to reunions, but never attended. He did keep in touch with one Army buddy–Fred Bratton, who lived a couple of hours away.

    • Having 5 kids and living in California Dad did not get to go to all of them but I know he got to go to some of them.

      • I always wondered why my Dad didn’t go to any of his. He farmed in the Midwest and was busy most of the time. It wasn’t that he couldn’t have gone. For some reason, he didn’t care to go. Time marched on and it wasn’t my place to ask. ‘The reunions were on the east coast–Maryland, I believe. I’m glad your father got to go.

      • They all saw thing no young man should have. Maybe he just did not want to remember. I cant blame him. With what we know of PTSD I have to believe these reunions were some of the first group therapies. I am glad Dad still had family back there and planned visits around these reunions.

      • I think that’s a good explanation. Dad and Fred seemed to understand each other–at least Dad had someone he could talk to about such things.

      • No one understands what they went through than the others that were there with them. I am glad your dad had Fred!

  2. I love that you have all these old documents!

    • There are more in a box in New Jersey. I wish I had known I was going to take this journey when I was there two years ago. It kills me that I don’t know what more is in that box

      • I bet!
        Who knows what I will find when Mom is no longer with us as I am sure I will be left to clear our old home 😦

        The garden has just found most of their records dating back from the 30’s I am thinking of doing something with them 🙂 seems we are the caretakers of memories before they are lost forever. HUGS

      • Yes! we are the caretakers. I think you should do something with the records. We have to preserve any way we can. Social media makes it is easy for us to do.

      • Yes I have a Facebook page set up for the Garden Club and plan on adding photos from the past clubs there too 🙂

      • Sweet!

      • 🙂

  3. See that just makes me want to step back in time and be there. The conversations they must of had.
    Thank you once again for making me remember.

    • I know right? I was only a year old when he made this trip. He would make many more over the years. I am glad he had his buddies to talk with about the stuff he saw there.

      • Well I mean they went through hell together didn’t they? Loved and lost brothers together so you can just imagine what those gatherings were like. When you look at the photos of the couple dancing you can feel the bitter sweet joy. I can hear the stories being told while the wives who saw their men off to war remember their own hell. Theres a bond, comradory that you will never in any other situation in life. You’ve done a great job.

      • Thank you so much… it is so important to me to preserve what I know and what I have found that Dad left from the war.

        I am so glad he had the others to talk with.

      • Brothers in Arms Brothers For Life.

  4. Superific scanning job!! I loved photo of the couple with the apple. But what is sad for me is to see how supportive Americans were by the plethora of ads purchased… But now, our White House is totally the opposite. They are taking things away… 😦

    • It is a sad state of affairs here today. I am almost glad he is not here to see how things in government have turned out!

  5. This is very special, being able to share these wonderful old memories!

    • Thank you! I am glad I have them to share!

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